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thewinekone interview

Anyone who has been on YouTube for even the shortest time has found out that one of the biggest YouTube Stars is thewinekone! His creativity and self-deprecating humor has made him a favorite with thousands of YouTube viewers. His profile has been viewed around 400 thousand times and he has about 9000 subscribers!

Here is an interview I recently did with thewinekone, with the help of several members. I opened a thread in my Kenny's Column child board asking for questions for thewinekone. Most of the questions you see below are from the great people who frequent the YouTubeTalk (YTT) forum.

Tony is a great guy and I'd like to thank him for doing this interview!

Hi, thewinekone! Tell us a little about yourself, please.
My name is Tony. My age is 20-something. I like to say 20-something because people go insane over what the actual number is. I’m not sure why people have to know so badly. I am from Ontario, Canada. I am a human being.

(YTT) You live in Toronto, right? Whereabouts? I want to stalk you - I mean... collaborate and work with you. Yeah, that's it.
I am definitely NOT going to fall for that one. Internet people are creepy. Each and every one of them and I will never trust any of them! Except for the girls. They always reel me in with their wooing ways.

How did you first hear about YouTube?
I have no idea how I heard about YouTube. I’ve been doing TWK for years now and I was doing videos before I even knew about YouTube. When I discovered it, I thought that it was a great way to distribute my videos to my friends without having to e-mail them huge files. Then something crazy happened and people I didn’t know started watching them. It’s a weird feeling.

How do you feel about "haters" on YouTube who leave rude comments?
I’m unsure as to why they would leave such rude comments even if I haven’t done anything to them. But such is life (on the Internet).

How have your friends and family reacted to your videos?
I don’t think my friends really care. Except for maybe a handful. I think they’re smart and they realize that this is just the Internet and my 15 minutes were up a long time ago. Wait. What friends?

What else do you like to do in your free time, besides making videos?
Wait. There’s a life outside of making videos? I wish I knew that life...

(YTT) What editing software and camera did you use for your "...And smell the coffee" vid, and on what sort of system?
I used the same editing software and camera that I’ve been using from the beginning - Windows Movie Maker and a Pentax Optio S digital camera. I have a Windows XP system. I also have a PlayStation 2 which doesn’t work and is unrelated to this subject matter, so I will not mention it anymore.

(YTT) What kind of gel do you use in your hair? Also, have you ever made any vids that you've watched back and decided against uploading?
I use Finesse Extra Control Styling Gel. That wasn’t product placement or anything, I swear! I would say pretty much all of the videos I’ve made, I’ve wanted to take back. I always watch them again and think to myself, "I can do better than this" or "My goodness, I’m annoying." I’ve also pulled down some videos before this huge wave of people started viewing my videos. Yes, there are secret videos that not many have seen before.

(YTT) Who is your favorite actor/actress/comedian?
I really don’t have any favourites. No favourites of anything, really. I’m boring like that. But to answer your question, I would say Angelina Jolie, but not for her acting skills. I like her because she uses her fame well. She realizes that whatever she does, it will no doubt make it into the news, so she uses this attention that she gets to get attention on more important matters in the world. She just gives and gives to charities. She seems like a wonderful human being. Except the part where it’s rumoured that she broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

(YTT) Were you surprised to get as many views as you do and all the girls who fall in love with you?
Yes, of course I was surprised to get so many views! I honestly don’t know why so many people watch my videos. It truly blows my mind. People around the world are viewing my creations. And yes, girls "falling in love" with me is very truly surprising. Maybe girls fall for me in person and I just don’t know. The Internet makes it so easy to be so blunt and honest to people without any real consequences or awkward moments; maybe that’s why so many admit a crush on me. Although I do think that most of them are just saying it to tease me.

(YTT) Is zippieALBA really the girl of your dreams? :: sniffle ::
Zippie isn’t really the girl of my dreams, no. The girl of my dreams is somewhere out there, who I’ll probably never cross paths with. "My life is lonely / My life is sad."

(YTT) How does it feel to have one foxy chick like Mana122 swoon over you? ^.~
I honestly do not know why a foxy chick like Mana122 would swoon over me. It blows my mind. Any girl who swoons for me blows my mind. I’ve never had such attention from the ladies! No, seriously. I haven’t.

(YTT) Why haven't you married Matsie yet? (Matsie proposed on YouTube!)
I can’t marry someone I don’t even know. We should at least date for a couple of years before that happens! And I’m still waiting for the girl of my dreams to come on by!

(YTT) Why the hell did you let your face get put on a thong? (thewinekone sells merchandise, including thongs, here.)
I put my face on a thong as a joke for my friends over a year ago! I put the link up as a joke and people actually bought the crappy merchandise! Losers!

(YTT) Did anyone actually buy the thong?
As of right now, I know of 4 people who have bought the thong. Amazing and sad at the same time. Wow!

(YTT) What are your plans for the future; what's next in your real life?
I have no idea where my life is headed, actually. I’m currently working temporarily until I go and act in a theatre production next month. After that, I will be lost and looking for a decent job. And of course, I will still be making videos.

(YTT) Do you have some goal in life?
I don’t know exactly when it struck me, but for a long time now, I’ve had this need to entertain people. I’d love to have a job in which I can do what I’m doing now within my videos. Just to try and entertain whoever wants to watch/hear me. I’d love to become a comedic actor, but who knows. I sure don’t.

I just truly want to bring a smile to people’s faces and make them happy. I guess there are a lot of jobs that could offer that to people. I just want to help the world out in some way. Make it a better place because we can clearly see that it’s getting worse by the minute. Maybe I’ll travel the world and help charities. Am I rambling? I’m sorry.


Here are two recent thewinekone videos!
Note: These are not for children.

The Wine Kone - ur realy hott
This video features Tony singing a parody of the James Blunt song, "You're Beautiful". The girl in the video is the beautiful zippieALBA!

If you can't see the video above, watch it at YouTube.

Disproportionate Inappropriateness
This is a quirky, creative, funny video! Watch as Tony talks about women...

If you can't see the video above, watch it at YouTube.

haha great stuff. thanks for doing that TWK *runs of to buy hair gel*

Disneychickadoo here- just haven't registere and want to leave a comment or two. winekone, you are so hilarious that you even make me seriously laugh out loud even in a typed interview! And I thought it was just the videos. How wrong I was. I think you definitely could have a career as a comedic actor and you already are really good at bringing laughter to people. And I think I can say that with some "authority" (okay maybe some is a bit much- but atleast a tiny bit of authority) because I've been around. I'm 37yrs old and spent most of my life just looking for the comedy in life and boy have I found it in you. Keep it up- you'll reach your goals. Bound to happen. :)

I have a video on my blog about me playing wii, some dude left a comment on youtube saying I look like you. wtf man

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