Friday, August 18, 2006


YouTubeStars News 8-18-06

There's a lot going on at YouTube these days! I'll use this post to report on some interesting items.

Congrats to geriatric1927! Peter, aged 79, is now the #1 Most Subscribed Channel of All Time! If you haven't seen him yet, go watch this gentleman as he talks about his long and interesting life. His style is straightforward, yet captivating. Peter has become an inspiration to the entire YouTube community.

LittleLoca and Silent Girl have done a photo shoot with LA photographer Sean Azul. The ladies are looking good as they walk around their East L.A. neighborhood. See the slideshow here.

FilthyWhore (Jacci Jageman) is working as an independent contractor for She does news reports about bands and the music scene. She has a blog at Riffage and has started a new account, riffagedotcom, on YouTube.

There is another new "news" program on YouTube, from Their YouTube account is getscriggity. Shauna reads news stories submitted by viewers and periodically pops up to flippantly comment on her own reports. It's hard to describe; you'll have to see it. Watch episode 3 - (8-17-06) on YouTube or on the Scriggity homepage; the third story is about our YouTubeStars thewinekone interview.

Cutiemish has landed a part in an upcoming movie. It has been said that the movie is The Margate Exodus. Congrats, Mishy! She talks about the movie in this video. Learn more about Mishy - read our interview with Cutiemish please.

YouTube itself is always in the news. Today there was an article in The Guardian that talks about YouTube's plans to host every music video ever made. If you want to read the latest news about YouTube, please visit YouTubeStars on Squidoo and scroll down to the third section, "YouTube in the News". It's the best way to learn the latest YouTube News! is the best place to discuss YouTube videos and members. Right now, there are over 11 thousand posts on over 1300 topics by over 1600 members. Join YouTubeTalk and see who's talking. You'll find well-known YouTube members such as FilthyWhore, Morbeck, thewinekone, boh3m3 and paytotheorderofofof posting on the forum. I have a child board there. My most popular topic is one about LonelyGirl15 and Daniel. We're discussing whether they are "real" or "fake". I announced the YouTubeStars Photo Gallery first on YouTubeTalk so many of the faces you see are YouTubeTalk members. Come join the friendly and well-moderated discussions at YouTubeTalk. Say hello in the Introductions lounge and say that you heard about YouTubeTalk on YouTubeStars!

Thanks for the love! YouTube was giving us upload problems the other night, but it should be on the Tube in a little bit :)

It's up now! Thanks again

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