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YouTubeStars News 9-05-06

There are always interesting things happening at YouTube! Here are some news items that relate to YouTube or YouTube members.

Brookers is back! After being absent from YouTube for almost 2 months, she recently posted two videos. The first is a funny Harry Potter spoof. She uploaded it a week ago and it's been viewed about 280 thousand times so far! The second, from 4 days ago, is essentially a commercial for NBC's new video website - It's Your Show. The site, now in beta testing, lets users submit videos in response to weekly "challenges". There will be weekly winners of $1000. Brookers has written about this site and also about YouTube on her myspace, especially in this blog entry and its comments.

Visit this site! YouTube member EnvisionTheStorm (Sean, 24, from the UK) has created a website that features videos and has news reports. He recently reported on Brookers and her comments about YouTube in the 3rd September 2006 entry on his news page.

Paris Hilton is on YouTube. If you want to see any of her 24 videos which all seemed to go up a week ago, visit her channel. So far, her appearance on YouTube has gotten mixed reviews. Many popular videomakers have come out against her presence on YouTube. But she has gotten 4740 subscribers so far, making her the 23rd most subscribed member of All Time.

Diddy on YouTube too. BadBoyRecords has 17 Diddy viddies up and has 6415 subscribers, earning it the 16th most subscribed member of All Time slot.

Riffage.com launches! Riffage is a website that helps promote new music The Riffage website says it's still in beta, but it had it's official launch on September 1st. Boh3m3 (Ben) and Kimberleigh have joined Jacci (FilthyWhore) in making video reports. Ben's report is on rock bands that he likes. Kimberleigh's is about obsessing over bands and includes a cool embedded short film where she is in Goth makeup and acts like an Emo kid. Also new at Riffage is a forum, with 155 articles from 50 members. For more on Riffage, see our last news post.

Renetto interviews FilthyWhore. Renetto was in PA on business and decided on the spur of the moment to ask Jacci (FilthyWhore) to meet him for an interview. They met at a Chili's restaurant and the results were filmed and presented on YouTube in two parts. Watch part one and part two.

YouTube Video Awards. YouTube member MattPyrch is putting together a YouTube video awards event. Read all about it at this website. They now have a forum to discuss the project.

YouTubeStars Photo Gallery now has 25 pictures! Visit the gallery and send in YOUR pic, now!

YouTube's "See Full Profile" Bug - A solution! YouTube has a bug... If you click "See Full Profile" on a Member's Profile page, some Browsers do not show all of the introductory section of the profile. Use this utility to see the entire introductory text of any YouTube Member's Profile.

Terra Naomi plays the Troubadour. KwaiChi went to see Terra Naomi in London last week. Here is the report that he wrote for YouTubeStars:

It was the 1950's which saw the revival of London coffee houses as centres
of culture and civilization. Raffish, continental, revolutionary, these new
cafes became centres of rebellion and new music for the young and the young at
heart. Earl's Court, the wild western frontier of bohemian Chelsea, saw a
particular concentration of new establishments, and the most famous was the

So famous, in fact, that whilst others fell by the wayside, the Troubadour
settled in to become a west London institution. Through the 50's and 60's this
was one of THE centres of London intellectual and artistic life. It's where
Private Eye was first produced and distributed; where the early Ban the Bomb
meetings were held (the precursor to CND); and where the Black Panthers met when
they left Paris after the '68 riots.

The Troubadour was the first place where Bob Dylan performed in London.
Paul Simon, Charlie Watts, Sammy Davis jnr and Jimi Hendrix have all played
here. Richard Harris fell in love with his wife Elizabeth here (she was doing
the washing up). Ken Russell recruited staff for his first shorts here, and it
was here that he became friends with Oliver Reed. Led Zeppelin used to come and
jam here after their Earl's Court gigs. Tom Robinson and Elvis Costello used to
play here too.

Last night was the time for a new star to take the stage of the
Troubadour, unknown by most of the crowd who were intrigued by the many devoted
fans sitting on the floor in front of the stage for better view (and for better
pictures). I was intrigued too; had these people come from watching the most
subscribed musical artist on Youtube? Had they come because of her own homepage
or on myspace? I had to know so whilst the small crew were setting up a large
keyboard and 2 guitars on stage, I prodded a few of them from my well placed
table near the stage and asked simply "Where did you hear about this gig?" The
responses received were a mix of fans from youtube and her own personal website
that people had stumbled across on the internet. Some of her fans had traveled
as far as Italy, some had rescheduled their flights back to the USA to see her 4
track promo for her new album and record label representatives sitting
discreetly at the back.

The hard rocking compeer for the night came to the stage and simply
introduced the star in mention as "A musical talent from New York, Terra Naomi".
A thunderous applause accompanied Terra to the stage as she started straight
away with an eclectic mix of vibrant sounds and outstanding vocals on her
keyboard moving swiftly through songs and instruments (Keyboard to guitars). A
hoard of people with highly spec'd cameras grew with every lyric sung as more
pictures and video were being taken. The crowd were appreciative of the
genuine talent they were blessed to witness in the intimate surroundings.

The 4 track show was over quickly, too quickly for many of Terra's many
devoted fans. Terra took some time out to speak to me and answer a few questions
I had before being swamped by an enlarged army of fans who wanted to have their
photo taken with her alongside autographed albums and adhoc pieces of paper. To
sum up my 60 second interview, Terra was visiting London for the first time and
had ventured around all the popular landmarks in between meeting with many
labels as she chooses her musical direction. Terra loved British gastropubs
where simple food is served elegantly as culinary delights in an environment of
old English tranquility. She felt her trip was all too short and she hopes to
revisit soon. That was all the time she had for me before being pulled away by
the Italian pilgrims for a photo.

As I write this Terra is packing her bags to go back to LA where she is
busy promoting her new album "Virtually" (available to buy on
and touring virtually on youtube as well as the real world around LA.

Watch four videos that show Terra playing at the Troubadour:

Want more news? See our last News Report.


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