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More Music!

A few weeks ago, I did a post on four talented singer/songwriters who make music videos on YouTube, often accompanying themselves on Guitar. I wrote about videos by Creativefisher, stealurface1976, KrisShred and PeriUrban in that post. This time, I'll tell you about two more talented singer/strummers. I'll also show a music video made for a song by one of my all time favorite bands - The Ramones! I'll close with a rap video that everyone is talking about!

First, a word about last post's featured videomaker, Daxflame. There has been speculation that Dax - or Bernice - is a member of the Patrello family from Texas. His uncle has done some work in Improv and his sister Dylan has a YouTube channel of her own: lalaDylalan. Check out her first video in which she sings the classic song, Summertime. I think you can see the family resemblance! It has also been said that some of Dylan's college girlfriends are responding to some Daxflame videos. Is HayleyDontDoIt one of Dylan's friends? I have no idea! But she has made a few good responses to Dax, so check her out. Also, in Dax news, Dax has entered EclecticAsylumArt's "Strike a Pose" contest. EclecticAsylumArt is an amazing painter/sketch artist who has made pictures of several YouTubers, check out his channel!

This Just IN - Breaking YouTube News!

According to a story from the AP found on
[YouTube] announced Monday that it will hold the first YouTube Video Awards to recognize the best-user created videos of 2006. The awards will be handed out in seven categories: most creative, most inspirational, best series, best comedy,musician of the year, best commentary and "most adorable video ever."
YouTube community members can vote on their favorites, here, beginning Monday (3/19) and concluding on Friday (3/23). Winners will be announced March 25. This looks like fun!


A recent addition to the list of talented YouTubers who sing and play the guitar, logana13 is a 22 year old college student named Polly who lives in the UK. She has a great smile and shows her love of music in her videos. She just joined YouTube about a month ago, but she already has 6 entertaining videos on her channel. Let's have a look at a song she wrote in a short period of time. It's a catchy tune and Polly performs it with joy and enthusiasm!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Greensleeves on fingerstyle acoustic guitar

Here's a delightful video from bsondahl. Brad Sondahl is a 53 year old man from Idaho who has been uploading loads of guitar/banjo vids over the last year. In this one, we hear Brad play the old Celtic melody that was transformed into a Christmas carol in the late 1800s - "What Child is This?" I've always loved this song and I thank DeepInTheWoods for pointing me to this and all of Brad's videos.

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.


I've been visiting YouTube for almost a year now, and I'm happy to say that I'm still finding new and interesting people to watch! Here's my newest find, and I'm her newest fan. =D I would like you to meet mememolly, a 17 year old woman who lives in Canada but is originally from the UK. Molly makes thoughtful and entertaining videos and looks great on camera! Here she is, trimming her "fringe" (bangs), followed by a music video she filmed and starred in, of "Judy is a Punk" from The Ramones first album. After only the first 4 seconds of this video, I knew I was going to subscribe to Molly - you should too!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Fast Food Freestyle

Here's a great video that went totally viral! It has way over 4 million views already and all the kids are talking about it at school. Two guys pull up to a MickyD's Drive-through and place their order in the form of a rap. Check it out - it's creative and funny!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

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mememolly is so cool and very talented. Love her videos especially the Ramones one of "Judy is a Punk Rocker" that is one of my favorite Ramones's song. bsondahl (Brad) is great on the acostic guitar playing Greensleeves,which is another one of my favorites. logana13 is great also,great video,great song (Seasons)which is upbeat and fun to listen to.fastfoodfreestyle is great, I alove that video,it is humerous and fun to watch. Daxflame I still don't know about him. He is talented and fun to watch. Love the recommendations that YouTubeStars talk about and inform you about. Keep on Rocking!

Also don't forget to vote for your favorite YouTubeStar in the video awards.

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