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I've been hearing about a lot of YouTubers becoming involved in interesting projects lately. Recently, I wrote about LittleLoca's movie project and Geriatric1927's music making project. Today I'll tell you about some other projects that you might want to check out. We'll see and hear the latest music project from capo420420, learn about an interesting, active and growing forum for discussing videos, and get an update from Periurban on a community project that he may be working on with Renetto and others.

First, let's have a look at this week's YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart. There is hardly any movement at all in the Top 20. I did notice an interesting person at the number 80 position this week, up 12 from last week - applemilk1988. Emily (visit her website) is a soon-to-be 18 year old from Florida who has made 41 vlog and random comedy videos since she joined YouTube last October. She has been experiencing a surge in subscriptions lately. It was only a week ago that she made a vlog about approaching 9000 subscribers. Now she is over 10,400! Check out her videos (including this secret one) and see why she is getting a lot of attention lately.

At the tail end of the chart, we welcome Spricket24. Karen, one of my favorite videomakers, debuts this week at number 98. Long time popular videomaker Morbeck is hanging on at number 99 this week, down 2 from last week. Lets see if he's still on the chart next week!

youtube forum 2

In January, along with a new year came a new forum to discuss videos - Three months later, over 150 members are posting on this active and interesting forum. Admin StormBeforeTheCalm (watch this thought-provoking vid by Sean) has been doing an excellent job of setting up many interesting features on this forum. I contributed by adding a video details box that shows up to the right of videos that users embed in their posts. Watch this little intro video to TubeRavers, then go and join our fun group!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Charlotte North Carolina's Jeff Williams "Helpless"

There are very few YouTubers like capo420420. Jeff is a man with a heart as big as the sounds that he gets from his guitar. Anyone who has gotten to know Mister Williams knows of his enthusiasm, love of the community and his passion for music. Jeff shows his support for the community by helping other musicians and videomakers. He helps others by encouraging them to respond to his videos, which help them to get viewed. His amazing Blindfolded video has 124 response vids and his PROFILE ICON PaRTy, where people respond with their profile pics, has 127 responses, WOW! Jeff is a popular man with over 3100 subscribers but he still finds the time to create projects like these response video parties which are very helpful to the community. Let's check out this YouTubeStar's latest video!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

An Open Letter To Renetto

What's up with Periurban's latest video? Peri, well known singer/songwriter (I love this song of his!) has been trying to keep a secret. I'm not sure what it is! At first, I thought he knew some inside info about YouTube's long rumored but yet to be seen revenue sharing plan (see this vid). Then I watched this mysterious video where he vlogged about being handed a big secret (from Renetto?) Now, some of the secret has been revealed! Peri has been wonderful at starting interesting discussions in the community and this time I'm sure there will be lots of interesting comments. Watch this then leave YOUR comment.

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

We're doing a project too! Please have a look at our 2Bux web application. We're getting ready to roll out and test the 2BuxMall section of this project. A big thank-you to the persons who have volunteered for beta testing! We have our team set up now and next week, we'll get started in this exciting experiment. Let's see where we can take this!

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