Monday, May 07, 2007


The YouTubeStars Show!

Come on in - sit down and get comfortable. It's time for the YouTubeStars Variety Show! Live, in the YouTubeStars theater tonight, we'll see a singer, watch a birdwatcher, enjoy a classical guitarist, and thrill to a crowd of youths singing along with an American Idol. Get ready, the show is about to start - and it's a really big show!

First, a little news. For those who have not heard, YouTube has rolled out revenue sharing. Don't get too excited yet... only a few people will get any money. Read the YouTube blog entry about this, and also see this New York Times Story.

Friends, if you like YouTube, you'll like LiveVideo too! I'm sure you've heard by now that LiveVideo is a video sharing site very much like YouTube, except the comments, messaging and blocking systems seem to work better there. Also, the sound of their videos is higher quality, and in stereo! If you have a YouTube account, you should have a LiveVideo account too. Click on the blue LiveVideo banner on the left and join now. Many of your YouTube friends are already there, and so is Captain Kirk - that's right - William Shatner makes videos on LiveVideo - and you should too!

Invisible (Original)

First on our stage tonight is a nice young lady nicknamed "randrigh". Roxy is a singer/songwriter from Canada who plays the guitar and the piano. Let's give a warm welcome to Roxy, here to sing us an original composition called "Invisible".

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Thank you Roxy, that was a wonderful performance! I may have heard one mis-strum but your smile made up for it! I recommend that our audience also watch Roxy sing for her sister and play the piano. She is really a talented young lady and we're glad that we had her here on our stage tonight!

Oh, you caught me off Guard!!!?!

Next on our stage, we have a delightful nature/comedy skit about birdwatching, by pagekv. Kathleen recently moved from the Chicago area to scenic Arizona. Let's watch as Kathleen watches the birds, and us!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Thank you, Kathleen - love the hat! I want our audience to know that Kathleen is more than just a pretty face - she also is a talented artist and sells her own "jewelry made from the heart"!

Memories - Classical Composition

My good friend capo420420, who has wow'ed the audience playing his guitar on this stage and recently had the number 5 most watched video on cellphones, has been telling me about a classical guitar virtuoso named chudnovsky. This young man named Alex composes his own classical tunes and plays them on his guitar. He can also be seen on LiveVideo and we're proud to have him right here, tonight! Please welcome chudnovsky, playing "Memories"!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Thanks, Alex, for that wonderful performance. You know, Alex can rock too! I know I caught you by surprise, but play us a little electric guitar jam! Ahh, very nice, Alex!

YouTube Webstars - Since You've Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

And now, to close out the show, we have a nice group of young people singing and dancing to Kelly Clarkson's hit song, "Since You've Been Gone." This performance is choreographed by agentScarn. Let's have a really big hand for these fine youngsters!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

That was a really fine performance! Our audience will also want to see agentScarn's youngsters singing and dancing along to Cascada's "Everytime we touch" - it's really a lot of fun to watch!

That's our show for this week. Join us here at the theater next time for another really big show! Goodnight!


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