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YouTubeStars and NonStars

What is a YouTubeStar? How do you become one? How do you know when you are one? How many subscribers do you need to consider yourself a YouTubeStar? For the past year, I've been writing here about people that I consider to be YouTubeStars. New YouTubeStars are showing up all the time. There's even a contest going on among YouTube NonStars to see who people like the best. We'll see a video about that, below. We'll also have a look at someone who is gaining popularity overnight and watch a video from a singer in the Netherlands who included a bunch of YouTubers in his latest movie.

But first, the news. This week's Top 100 Chart shows 6 changes in the Top 10 from last week! That rarely happens. Esmee Denters, TheWineKone and HappySlip all moved up one spot from last week. In positions 21 to 40, 18 out of 20 changed positions. Paris Hilton got out of jail this week and moved up two spots to the number 70 position. If you're interested in Paris Hilton's subscriber history, here is her chart. PivotMasterDX, the "Stick Figures on Crack" guy, debuts on the chart this week at Number 62 - impressive!

In other news this week, VenetianPrincess opens her own website and MysteryGuitarMan puts his videocam up on eBay. We also got sad news this week. Darahgna's beloved dog Basil passed away on Saturday. Please watch Angharad's amazing tribute video to Basil, and her older video starring Basil, The Wiredhaired Fox Terrier.

Battle of the YouTube NonStars: Nominee Elimination Show

This video introduces the 36 YouTube NonStars who will compete in coming weeks to see who is the most popular NonStar. Jenluv37 is hosting this competition on her channel again. This is season two of the series; Hughsnews barely beat out K80Blog in the first round back in March. 63 nominees entered this second season last week and those entrants were narrowed down to 36, this week. Here they are - who will YOU vote for?

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Tara Busch - Tag

It was reported this week that TaraBusch's new psychedelic music video, "Tag" was the number one most viewed video on both YouTube and MySpaceTV. Tara is singer from L.A. She only has 68 subscribers and 3000 profile views on YouTube, but she teamed up with ZeitGhost Media to get the word out about this film. It worked! It's been seen over 280 thousand times on YouTube and over 2 million times on MySpace. Hmmm, interesting... In any case, Tara's music is very cool, with a Indie Psychedelic vibe. Check out her other videos and her songs on MySpace. I like her songs; how about you?

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Don't Ask - Wouter Hamel - official video

Here's a jazz/pop music video by WouterHamel from the Neatherlands. He asked various YouTubers to do a lipsynch video to this song and he features clips of them in this video. Jennifer Newberry, an attractive and talented singer that I've written about before, is in this video! Enjoy this music video, then read more about this cool new Jazz singer on his YT Profile and his website.

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

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