Monday, October 29, 2007


Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween time again! I hope you get a chance to dress up and make believe you're somebody (or something) else, just for a day. It's fun! Here are four Halloween videos, for your spookalicious enjoyment.


Made by: hotforwords
Rating: 4.46
Views: 374546
Comments: 535
Category: Entertainment

In this video, Marina, YouTube's sexy Philologist tells the story of how Halloween got it's start and what the origins of the word "Halloween". NEWSFLASH! hotforwords debuts this week on the Top 100 chart at number 96! Congrats, Marina!

Happy Halloween!!!

Made by: olgakay
Rating: 4.66
Views: 1234
Comments: 85
Category: Entertainment

Olga, YouTube's juggling Russian actress from LA, talks about Halloween parties in her attractive Pirate Halloween costume. If you want to see more of Olga, scroll back through the Previously Featured Videos at the Top 100 Weekly Chart and watch her at the beach in her Yellow bikini.

Santos doing the disco thing

Made by: markham18hockey
Rating: 5.00
Views: 17
Comments: 1
Category: Comedy

Footage from a Halloween party in the UK, chosen by us completely at ramdom. But it does look like a fun party!

Halloween Awakening

Made by: visiblemode
Rating: 4.56
Views: 860454
Comments: 3277
Category: Film & Animation

Here's a cool Halloween video for you! After a few seconds of fall scenery, we watch a stop-motion sequence of a pumpkin carving itself. Beware the slightly disturbing ending; poor pumpkin. :(

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