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YouTube Contests

Many people make videos as a way to express themselves. Sometimes, a little competition can be a fun way to spark creativity. There are contests on YouTube, sponsored by both commercial interests and other YouTubers. You can find a list of YouTube Featured Contests here. In this post, I'll embed some videos made by members of the YouTube community who are holding contests. Watch the videos and enter some contests with your own video responses!

Win a Panasonic Camcorder!
from morfeene2

Here we the end of the road for a while....and what a Prize!

Get your motors running...competition ends Monday October 29th at 9pm.

You can respond as many times as you want, in whatever manner you want - comments, video responses, Private Messages - whatever you want to do.

The only rule is that I must be BENT DOUBLE and HURTING with laughter. I want to laugh until I cry. I want to laugh so hard that it hurts!

Give it to me folks! :-)


Tihara's Contest
from Tihara

What does love mean to you? It could be anything from a person, object, sport an overall feeling! The main goal of this video will be to see how people express their feelings about love...

The end result for this piece is a collaboration video that will play to the Rogue Traders Song "Falling In Love" but to make it happen I need your videos on what love is!

So a contest is also being run for those who put in some extra effort and send video responses! Contest ends November 3rd 2007!

Please only videos that are specified to this contest... I will remove all videos that are not for this contest im sorry but its not fair to others it clogs it all up =(

Strict Cop Sounds Off, Classic Car Contest from DIY Network
from DIYntwrk

Celebrity Rides: Burt Builds a Bandit on DIY Network showcases legend Burt Reynolds and the team who refurbish classic Pontiac Trans Am vehicles. Win a car restored on air by submitting a video to, but obey this cop's instructions!

Dare to be Cute Contest! For Big Kids lol
from Pippilly

copyright royalty free music by

This could be Youtubes 1st Official "cute" contest. All entries will automatically be in the Youtubes Official "Cute Club" Your names will appear on my homepage. Prize(s) are still in the making : )
Ok, you Guys and Goyls, It's time to have some fun! Make a cute funny silly video, and most of all have fun, do it for your own amuzement and ours. Let's have a good laugh and see what we all come up with. so many creative and interesting minds out there. If your shy, now is your chance to be Dared to be CUTE! WOOT!!!

You can enter you cute vids here, but only new vids for this contest are elligible to win to be fair to the contestants. does that sound fair?

Contest closes November 1st and Winners will be announced shortly after that. Please state in your video what country you are from. Oh this is going to be SO much fun! Thanks in Advance you guys! Love yas!!! and Welcome my new subscibers hee hee

Can't wait for you all to give is a good LAFF!!!

You Tube lyrics CONTEST! Enter, Vote and Spread!!
from 1butterflykiss

Please Read! First let me say thank you ahead of time for all that enter this contest to be an inspiration.
The rules are simple and explained in the video.
If you would like help putting (legal) music to your poems, short stories etc, Please go here.
musicforyourvideos Its an Awesome channel!
Click on the video
I encourage you to all subscribe to this channel. Its a great thing that they are doing with YT cracking down so hard on copyrighted music.
I thank musicforyourvideos for offering to help anyone entering!

Please, when you vote do so on this video so that I can keep track.

Note: As said in the video, this isn't the sole thing that will win the contests but VOTES will be considered!

I will run this contest until Oct. 30th so get your entries in and help me spread this. Its all about letting others know that they are not alone. We have all had trying times but we have the advantage of using our hardships to encourage others!
Entries so far are as follows:
1. Pkds
AKA - montomaniac
2. MNT8
AKA - RRCreamy
3. h0P4
AKA - Dad103
4. 9oig
AKA - eligarf
5. xHdc
AKA - goneviral69
6. 3xMQ
AKA - uniquEvery1You2
7. GT2M
AKA - uniquEvery1You2
8. mHk4
AKA - Dad103
9. T7l0
AKA - danbergam
10. FWT3c
AKA - josette54
Enter & Help Me Spread This Please! LETS Be an Inspiration to so many!!

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