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Oprah is on YouTube

Oprah Winfrey, the popular American talk show host, now has a YouTube channel. She joined on November 1st and has almost 20,000 subscribers already. She has posted 18 videos, most are commercials for her show. Her most watched video is "Oprah's Message to YouTube!" with just under 1.1 million views. The video allows comments on approval and so far, only 22 comments made it through. Embedding is disabled and Video Responses seem to be disabled.

The YouTube community has reacted with ambivalence to Oprah's new channel. Some think it will bring new viewers for everyone's videos. But others object to Oprah's apparent "one-way conversation" - she seems to want to advertise to us without accepting feedback. It has also been lamented that the "golden age" of YouTube is over. With the corporate accounts racking up lots of viewers, its hard to get on the most discussed or most viewed lists without resorting to histrionics and sensationalism. YouTube seemed more like a commuity of videomakers before "partners" came on to advertise to us. But, all this was inevitable. YouTube was spending millions on the computer power and bandwidth necessary to provide this free service to the uploaders and viewers of the thousands of new videos posted weekly on the site.

How will the Oprah channel and the other corporate partners affect YouTube and the community of vloggers and viewers? Time will tell. So far, everyone seems to have their opinions on Oprah's debut. Out of the massive number of Oprah related videos, we've chosen a few to highlight here. They are all intelligent and insightful; please watch them and get into the discussion yourself!

Youtube Drama Rock Opera

Made by: LisaNova
Rating: 4.27
Views: 73300
Comments: 1321
Category: Comedy

About This Video: A Rock Opera for those who like Youtube Drama

YTS: Lisa Nova talks about Oprah and also about Renetto's latest videos and other timely happenings on YouTube. She expresses her thoughts via lyrics to Who songs!

Hey Oprah! An open letter from the YT community

Made by: kenrg
Rating: 4.70
Views: 4163
Comments: 137
Category: People & Blogs

About This Video: Hi Oprah! Welcome to the 'Tube! Hopefully you will find this a warm, friendly, talented, and welcoming community. We expect you will be posting more clips from your show here, and that is fine, but if you are really serious about "being a part of the community" it goes beyond simply posting.

We have assembled a few tips and suggestions for your orientation to the YouTube community:

* This isn't broadcasting; it's a conversation, it's about 2-way communication,
* We're not all aspiring pop stars or novelty acts; we're real people,
* The animal clips and TV clips may bring us to the site; but it's the people that bring us back,
* We watch YouTube as an alternative to TV, not an extension of it,
* We collaborate like crazy.

We look forward to your full participation in our little playground and we thank you for watching.


Concept by TaraGolden
Assembled by kenrg

YTS: This is an excellent video that clearly expresses the way many feel about how Oprah is running her channel.


Made by: renetto
Rating: 4.66
Views: 21173
Comments: 859
Category: People & Blogs

About This Video:

PLEASE leave a comment. To be the first to see what's next... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. Just click the orange button above this text... YOU JUST MADE MY DAY... Thank you:)

This may be the video that gets me kicked off YouTube for good... I hope not but Opera is not happy... she may want to cut one more check to youtube and buy my channel... then close it for good!

PRN: Paul Robinett News

This exclusive story may not be factual and has no known sources...

This is a link to the video at the end of my video...


YTS: Renetto gives his opinion on Oprah in dramatic fashion!

The End

Made by: talknerdytokim
Rating: 4.51
Views: 2483
Comments: 151
Category: People & Blogs

About This Video: "The man" has officially won.

The community is not gone, I am not gone, but we are so overshadowed that this is no longer our site. It was hard enough to find us amongst the anime clips in the past, and now it's pretty much impossible unless you totally whore yourself out in a way that nobody else would respect you for, and will in fact dislike you for. The fact that YouTube even had this amazing commuinty as the driving force behind it's startup is very hard to see.

I've never been one to care about views or subscriber counts, but it makes me sad when I see others that I know do care pour their heart into making something that ends up being amazing, and it getting no attention because 12 people posted commentaries on Britney Spears and ABC released new clips of their upcoming shows.

I'm not excited about the things that are now representing this site. It was once obviously very different from the rest of the media sources. It's not anymore. It's not only not different, it's the EXACT SAME things. Copies of television shows and advertisements reposted. YouTube, has in essense, become a giant advertisement, trying to lure us back in to what we came from. There are still amazing, unique things, but they are hard to find now. This is no longer feels like "our site." It feels like the fan appreciation message boards or something.

I'll probably private this video eventually as I do all of my vlogs, but I had to say it, even if everyone else is already saying it louder than I am.

YTS: Kimberly laments the end of YouTube's Golden Age.

RIP the golden age of youtube

Made by: Paperlilies
Rating: 4.66
Views: 12633
Comments: 646
Category: People & Blogs

About This Video: response to Kim's video, and all this Oprah hoohah.

YTS: Bryony responds to Kim's video about the end of the Golden Age and adds her memories of what YouTube used to be like.


Made by: faintstarlite
Rating: 4.44
Views: 6023
Comments: 242
Category: People & Blogs

About This Video: Thanks for the comments, ratings & subscriptions! I couldn't help but make this video after seeing the ridiculous Oprah craze that has swept our once beloved website...

YTS: A tongue-in-cheek commentary on Oprah and the current state of the YouTube service.

Welcome to YouTube OPRAH!!!

Made by: K80Blog
Rating: 4.86
Views: 1087
Comments: 167
Category: Comedy

About This Video: YAY!!!! She's gonna give us all money to make better videos!! YAY!!!

YTS: A frenetic satirical commentary on Oprah's appearance on YouTube.

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Hey! Thanks for including the little collab video that I threw together in with this retrospective of views.

I don't think it's necessarily "the end of YouTube as we knew it" - Even the mighty O is not that powerful. But it is certainly symbolic of the shift to more sponsored content on the front page featured slots.

To some extent, I accept that and don't really care, as I understand that that's what keeps it free for me. And I'm not looking for mega-fame, so I don't care if I never make again to the front page.

But, I also recognize that my perspective comes from having been making videos for fifteen months, having a couple thousand subscribers and hundreds of "friends" and not needing to "break through."

It may have been easier to get subscribers and introduce yourself then, but I think the basics are still the same: Be a real person, make intelligent comments on people's videos, make good response videos, don't be a shmuck, and you'll get noticed. It just takes a little patience.

Anyway - Thanks for including the video, and we'll see you around the 'Tube!

oprah who?????????????????????????????

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