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YouTube News 11-14-07

In this post, we'll follow up on the Story about the Arizona High School teacher suspended after she appeared in a YouTube video. Click here for our original story on this video. We'll also talk about ads on YouTube. For a list of constantly updated YouTube News stories, click here.

Higley teacher on YouTube resigns

It was widely reported on Tuesday that Christina Mallon, the Humanities/English teacher and Cheerleading coach who was placed on paid administrative leave last month after appearing in a YouTube video, has resigned from the Higley Unified School District near Phoenix Arizona. Ms. Mallon was filmed by an unknown person as she performed a short cheerleading routine for her Humanities class. It has been said that the students asked to see the new routine that she was working on for "Spirit Week." Mallon can be seen briefly wiggling her butt and a student can be heard to say, "You go, girl!" in the YouTube video which has since been removed. Parts of the original video can be seen in the following two videos. The first is from a local channel 5 TV news story and the second is a remix of parts of the original with new music. The first video has over 36 thousand views and the second has almost 180 thousand views as of today.

The original video which caused all the controversy was removed on 10/14/2007, about a week after it was posted on the 21superman2169 channel. Here are the stats on the original video, as recorded by the Your Tube Stats service:

Date Views Comments
10/13/2007 133464 1093
10/12/2007 129294 1069
10/11/2007 121513 1016
10/10/2007 106068 931

Most of the over 1000 comments on the original video were sympathetic to Ms. Mallon. This is also true about the comments on the two videos above and on the news stories at the East Valley Tribune news website.

As far as I know, no one knows the identity of 21superman2169, the person who uploaded the original video to YouTube. The only information given on that profile is:
Age: 22
Country: United States

However, after some investigation, we believe that the person who created that YouTube account and profile is not 22, but may in fact be a minor who attends the Williams Field High School where Christina Mallon was teaching. We will not be revealing any further information about this person who we believe uploaded the video, because this person is a minor.

Ads on YouTube

YouTube now shows ads in the bottom area of some videos made by its Partners. So far, there has not been a huge backlash against the ads, as feared by some. It is possible that we will soon see "pre-roll" video ads, short (possibly 15 second) commercials that will be displayed before the actual content appears.

It was reported Wednesday that most YouTube viewers (63%) would not mind pre-roll ads as long as they are 15 seconds long, at most. It is further reported that 11% of YouTube viewers would be willing to pay an annual fee ($24.95 was mentioned) to watch content without any ads. Please click here for the complete report.

If we examine the figures given in this news report, we can answer two questions.

How many viewers does YouTube have?

YouTube has 50 million viewers.
(0.11 x V) x $25 = $137,000,000
(0.11 x V) = 5,480,000
V = 49,818,181 or about 50 million Viewers.

How much money does YouTube make from its Ads?

YouTube makes $6.75 per year on every viewer from ad clicks.
5,480,000 x R = $37,000,000
R = $6.75 average revenue per viewer per year.

I wish could generate $6.75 a year in Google Ad clicks for each of our viewers! YouTube seems to be doing very well in their Google Adsense income. Of course they have huge expenses in servers and bandwidth to provide us all with this free service. We have been very fortunate, and may have become spoiled, with the level of advertising on the YouTube site. Expect to see more ads on YouTube in the future.

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I think 21superman2169 is a guy.

You can see there that 21superman2169's gender is "m."

What is the problem? If It was one of my 80yr old 300 pound teachers that I had in school, It would be a BIG problem.

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