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Vloggers discuss vlogging

Recently, K80blog made a video discussing the state of the vlogging community on YouTube. She said that YouTube has become a bit boring and has lost it's edge. People seem to be playing it safe and not taking risks. Katie said that she came here to express her opinions, stay honest and to make the most of her channel. She challenged the community to keep YouTube interesting. So far, there have been 75 Response Videos to her vid. Here is her video. After that, there are two response videos and then a video from a new and interesting vlogger!
To My Fellow Vloggers

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Paperlilies remembers the earlier days of YouTube when it was interesting to watch people talk honestly about their real lives. She agrees that YouTube has become dull and that people are less honest. In her case, Bryony has to limit what she can say due to deals she is considering as a result of her previously honest and popular videos.
A vlog about youtube videos

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Tlg847 is always good at providing perspective on YouTube issues and larger cultural trends as well. Here, Tom talks about horse racing and how the sport has become "big event" motivated. People are drawn to spectacle. But the mundane was once interesting on YouTube as people were newly able to peek into lives of ordinary people. He finishes by observing that poets have always been able to make something special of the mundane - and reads a poem to illustrate his point.
Ordinary & Extra-ordinary

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YouTube has only been around for a couple of years. Some people have already made interesting and entertaining videos that have created a following. They have many subscribers, and may have also used their YouTube success in other mediums such as TV and Music and the Arts. Stevie Ryan (LittleLoca) hosted a TV show, HotForWords has been on Bill O'Reilly's show (and will be on it again soon!), Esmee Denters was signed by Justin Timberlake's company, Paperlilies has sold paintings on eBay.

But for every person who has already "been there, done that" on YouTube, there is someone new, just starting out, just becoming popular. One such person is JustStirCrazy. Audra is 24 and lives on the West Coast. She has had some real life drama; she was in the military and survived a bomb blast in Iraq. She also has an equally attractive twin sister named Dael Anne who has been in a few of her vids. Audra has fiery red hair and a personality to match. She says what is on her mind, and people love to listen because her rants are often poetic! Check out this rant/poem and also, don't miss this other rant and this honest expression of 5 things Audra hates.
To my ther-RAPIST

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