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First Vlogs

Last month (in this post), we discussed several videos made about the state of video blogging on YouTube. People were saying that vlogging has changed - no one makes vids anymore just to talk about their lives. It was said that many YouTubers were now trying to be slick and act differently, just to get views. Many lamented the "old days" of YouTube where people were thought to be more honest, and happy to simply get in front of a cam and talk about their regular ordinary lives. It was fun to watch and listen to regular people tell the world about who they were and what they were doing.

As we said last time, for every veteran vlogger who has been around a while and misses the old days, there is a new person just discovering the fun of making video blogs. Here are four young people who have just recently made their First Vlogs. Please watch their videos, encourage them with nice comments, and subscribe if you like their style!

But first, some News! Last week, everyone was talking about the subscriber shrinkage problem. It seems that many YouTubers were surprised to find that they were losing subscribers. A check of the Top 100 Weekly Chart showed that this was indeed true. Many, but not all, of the top YouTubers had decreases in their number of subscribers from the week before. It has been suggested that YouTube is purging old, unused accounts from it's database. This may account for the observed drop in subscribers. Whatever the cause, it appears to have stopped. Have a look at This Week's Top 100 Chart and you'll see that almost everyone Gained Subscribers this week.

In related Top 100 Chart news, the Fred character, formally of JKLproduction, is up 5 positions to number 11 - with a gain of 27,928 new subscribers! Congrats on that Huge jump in subs! Meanwhile, the veteran vlogger and community supporter, Renetto, has dropped another position to number 86 with a weekly Loss of 23 subs. This is surprising, considering his excellent recent series of videos made from poignant and thoughtful essays originally published at NPR. Maybe people don't like it when Renetto is serious. His wacky videos have done the best. The essays have only 4 to 14 thousand views and his TheTropolis vids have barely above 10 thousand views. What does this say about the members of YouTube and what they want from the site?

Now, on with the videos!

First up, is Lucy. Lucy likes Harry Potter, skiing, acting, singing, and... orange juice! On her profile, she says she is an upbeat person, an honors kid, an optimist and a good friend. Lucy made her first video, about Harry Potter, just 2 weeks ago. Here she is with her first vlog, uploaded May 26th. Yes, she IS an upbeat person!
first REAL vlog!

Made by: OMGitsLucy814
Rating: 5.00
Views: 65
Comments: 5
Category: People & Blogs

Next, here's Lucie. Lucie lives in the UK and likes 80s music. She talks in this vid about the upcoming Avril Lavigne concert she will be attending (she went, and talks about it in vlog 3). Lucie also talks about school (it's almost over!) and the art exhibition coming up. The vid, from May 27th, is slightly fuzzy and the audio is a little tinny, but Lucie was kind enough to provide subtitles so we could follow along! The word is, Lucie has a new cam in her future!
Vlog no.1 [Avril Lavigne & Pcad.]

Made by: EllieBee148
Rating: 5.00
Views: 88
Comments: 2
Category: People & Blogs

Now, watch Franny. She just joined YouTube in April and made this first vlog on May 29th, from her bathroom! Her goal was to introduce herself and get 20 video views - she got over 100 so far. Franny likes to wear different clothes and vary her makeup and hair, but despite her screen name, that doesn't make her skitzo! She likes music and YouTube, and says she intends to make more videos. Here is her first effort, enjoy!
First YouTube Vlog! yay?

Made by: schizofrannya
Rating: 5.00
Views: 112
Comments: 5
Category: People & Blogs

Finally, we have Zoe. Zoe lives in the UK and loves music and... Philosophy! Wow, she's only 13, how interesting! Zoe joined YouTube last October and made her first video 3 months back. She went fishing and caught a Pike. This is her first vlog, made on May 29th. She mentions her love of music, writing, reading, YouTube - and of course Philosophy. :) Zoe says she's "a bit different to anyone usually this age," watch and see!
Intro.. Take II (:

Made by: JellyBeanQueenX
Rating: 5.00
Views: 94
Comments: 7
Category: People & Blogs

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You're so right, vlogging is not dead on YouTube! I watched each person you put in your post. They are all good vlogs!

i made my first vlog!


check me out

After a year or so of wanting to vlog I've finally done it! My first vlog is kinda lame but we have to start somewhere! I wish more people would try it out, it can be fun!



I decided to try it out! :)

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