Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Twilight - a book by Stephenie Meyer

Everybody is reading the Twilight series of books, written by Stephenie Meyer. If you are too, you know that there are three books out so far. The fourth and final, "Breaking Dawn" will be released on August 2nd. I bought all four books! Of course I just have a coupon for the new one but I plan to be at the book store at Midnight to pick up my reserved copy. Even though I bought the first three, I've only read the first and now I'm half way through the second one. I can take my time because I won't get to read the new book when it comes out next week - I promised it to my niece, she gets to read it first. :)

Twilight is about a 17-year-old girl (Bella) who falls in love with a guy (Edward) who is over a hundred years old! But, he's still in High School! How can that be, you ask? Edward is a vampire! Now if you are a parent and you're worried about your teen reading these books, don't be. There is no sex and very little violence here at all. What there is, is a captivating story of young love with a twist!

Don't like to read? Watch the movie! Twilight fans know that the movie version comes out 12-12-08. Here is the latest version of the trailer for Twilight:

There are several groups of Twilight fans on YouTube who have banded together to make Twilight related videos. One of the best is TeamTwilighter. They got started in May and already have over 500 subscribers and 39 videos. Check out one of their earliest videos that tells about the group. Then, if you love Twilight, subscribe to TeamTwilighter!

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Breaking Dawn is out!!!

Nice pic of the bookstore at midnight, and stickers they were giving out, at

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