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Summer 2008 - Vloggers

Are you enjoying your summer? I hope so! It's a great time to travel, swim at the pool or beach, read a book, and watch some great videos. Here are 4 videos from vloggers - one from a guy and 3 from ladies. Each is about an interesting and important topic. Watch each video and take a minute to think about what the vloggers are saying, and what you think!

First up, we have a vid from Donnie2020. He talks about the Olympics, which starts tomorrow. Donnie is confident that the Aussie teams will do well against the Americans and everyone else. We'll see! Are you going to watch the Games? What are your favorite events?

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I love this time.


Next is a video from IamMax on the subject of Marriage. Andrea, age 19 and living in San Diego, believes that people her age should not be thinking about getting tied down in marriage. She talks about various reasons that people might be considering marriage, but says that it might be better if they just enjoy life for a while. Watch the video and think about it. What's your opinion?
Marriage Is Unecessary(especially when youre young.)

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If you'd like to read my blog about it, let me know and I'll show you- this way you can think of lots of really mean things to say to me that I will laugh at because I know that I am right.

Now lets see a video from Lianeandthemusic. Liane tells a lot of things about herself. Her point is that there is a person behind each vlog and you may not really know who they are, just from watching normal vlogs. These are not the kinds of things that most people share about themselves online. Listen to Liane and think about what she is saying in this great vid.
The Real Me

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Because you wouldn't know from just watching my videos... this is me, really, truly broadcasting myself.

Thanks to trueRCfanatic for the awesome new intro!

Finally, here's a video from XoXcourtzieXoX on a very heavy subject, but something that we all will experience at some point. Courtney, 16 and from Australia, usually makes videos in a series she calls "The OC for Kids." But this time, she talks about people who were recently killed in car crashes and thinks about how they didn't expect their day to turn out as it did. She talks about being a careful driver and treating each day as if it's the last day of her life. Something to think about!
are you really ready?

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this was something which had been on my mind all day and i felt the urge to let it out to discover your thought.
i know its not like my normal videos, this is a once off but i seriously wanted to make it so if you dont like it dont go being rude about it alright, its not appriciated.

2 car crashes happened today, around the same area too. how horrible is that!?

please leave your feedback.
i don't know how ppl will react to this video, so i dont know if i'll keep it up.
plus i was talking quietly because it was night time and my mum had friends around at this point in the next room, haha.

p.s no no one close to me has passed away, no one close to me has ever passed away and i am soo greatful for that :)

music is
jeff buckley - hallelujah

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