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Happy Halloween! - Random Videos

Happy Halloween! Here's a bunch of videos to look at, after you're done Trick-or-Treating, or partying! Each vid is by a person we've never written about before. They are New YouTubeStars!

This is our 134th post. Go ahead and look back at some of the oldies. We've been doing this for 2 1/2 years, that's Forever in internet time! There's all kinds of links to older posts and stuff in the left column. Click a few, I dare you!!!

Want to meet up with other people that like to talk about videos? Visit! It's a pretty cool forum for everything YouTube and video related. Things have been a little slow there lately but we're out to recruit a new batch of cool, fun members. Since you're reading this, that's probably YOU! Go check out - after you watch these vids!

Here's Canadian dancer Corey Vidal, ApprenticeA on YouTube, doing a routine to Madonna's new hit. This was up for a while, got hundred of thousands of hits, then got removed for copyright violation. Read the description for more on that. First, enjoy Corey's cool moves!
'4 Minutes' Hip Hop Dance - Madonna & Justin Timberlake

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Made by: ApprenticeA
Rating: 4.44
Views: 465624
Comments: 1160
Category: Entertainment

This is a hip hop dance I choreographed to Madonna and Justin Timberlake's '4 Minutes' from Madonna's new CD, 'Hard Candy'.
After seeing this innocent dance video, business execs at Madonna's record label (Warner Music Group) decided that this infringed on the copyrights of her song, and therefore had my video removed from YouTube.
After over a month of battling with them, I WON the copyright dispute, and my video has been restored in full.
People, never underestimate the power of your voice. Sometimes, the little guy CAN win. Never give up.
Thank you to everyone who watches my videos, and thank you for honouring me with making my channel as popular as it is. It means the world to me, and I feel very blessed to be in the position that I am in. Thank you all so much.
~Corey Vidal

Learn more about the legal battle here:

Watch my other videos:
My homepage:


Cookie275 is Alina from Germany. In this video, she plays and sings a song she wrote herself! The song is great but there's more - she has filmed an excellent music video to go with it. Check it out, you'll love it!
hundred miles (original song)

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Made by: cookie275
Rating: 4.88
Views: 1312
Comments: 12
Category: Music

Hundred miles

[Verse 1]

I guess it's how the story always ends
I find someone and take him to close
Then it's over and I beg on my knees
I try to claw for his trust and love


By now I have to trust
to luck I see the spark of hope in you
Everything could change by now it's true

I am in a funk
I swear I found my love
My fairytale is ending with an happy end

[Verse 2]

I guessed the wrong and now I had to own up to
You are the one who always feels true
You never formed me that I'm the fool
And betrayed my trust, every other would do
No, not you

[Hook ]

I'm lying on the ground where you left me
Searching for the things I've done wrong
you said you loved me but I can't handle this
and now all my beauties gone
No, I blew it


By now I have to trust
to luck I see the spark of hope in you
Everything could change by now it's true

I surrender of saying " I'll change"
Now I am ready to say
Your my man
You're the one

Hunderte von Kilometern

Ich vermute es ist so wie jede Geschichte endet
Ich finde jemanden und lasse ihn zu nahe an mich heran
Dann ist es vorbei und ich flehe ihn auf knien an
Ich versuche verzweifelt nach seinem Vertrauen und seiner Liebe zu greifen

Mittlerweile muss ich auf mein Gl??ck vertrauen
Ich sehe einen Funken Hoffnung in dir
Es ist wahr, ab jetzt k??nnte sich alles ??ndern

Es zittern mir die knie
Ich schw??re ich habe meine Liebe gefunden
Meine Geschichte endet mit einem Happy end

Ich vermutete das falsche und ich muss mir eingestehen,
dass du derjenige bist, der immer ehrlich f??hlte
Du stelltest mich niemals als Idioten dar und
Missbrauchtest nicht mein vertrauen,
so wie es jeder andere tun w??rde
Nein du nicht...

Ich liege an dem Boden, wo du mich verlassen hast
Suchend nach den Dingen, die ich falsch gemacht habe
Du sagtest du liebst mich, aber ich konnte damit nicht umgehen
Und jetzt ist all die Sch??nheit verflogen
Nein, ich habe alles kaputt gemacht...

Mittlerweile muss ich auf mein Gl??ck vertrauen
Ich sehe einen Funken Hoffnung in dir
Es ist wahr, ab jetzt k??nnte sich alles ??ndern

Ich verzichte darauf gesagt zu bekommen ??? ich werde mich ??ndern"
Jetzt bin ich bereit zu sagen
Du bist mein ???Mann"
Du bist der Eine

You can't beat this video for pure viewing fun! You'll soon be smiling along with SarahLThompson as she does 100 crazy things while listening to The Jonas Brothers singing "Got Me Going Crazy." Watch it, then watch it again!
Got Me Going Crazy!

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: SarahLThompson
Rating: 3.40
Views: 567
Comments: 44
Category: People & Blogs

I guess you can say that Nick, Joe, and Kevin have got me going CRAZY!

"Got Me Going Crazy" by Jonas Brothers

Buy their new album "A Little Bit Longer" in stores NOW! RIGHT NOW!

Here's an inspiring singing performance from Briannahasty. Brianna does a heavenly job in this video. You'll also want to listen to her sing the rockin' Barlow Girls song, "No One Like You" - another nice singing video by Brianna!
me singing circle of friends by point of grace; request.

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Made by: briannahasty
Rating: 5.00
Views: 222
Comments: 5
Category: Music

me singing.
thanks for watching.

Well, if the last few vids haven't got you smiling yet, THIS one will! It's the YouTube Smile video by DanielGardner. He put this together using short smile clips from a hundred YouTubers. If this doesn't make you smile, you're taking life waaaay too seriously!
YouTube smiles!

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: DanielGardner
Rating: 4.52
Views: 1156448
Comments: 9731
Category: People & Blogs

Send this to anyone who needs a smile.

I uploaded the "Show your Smile" video 11 months ago, and over 280 YouTubers have made video replies since then. That's over 280 different smiles. This video is a compilation of 100 of those smiles and if it doesn't make you smile...see a doctor. :) Special thanks to the 280 youtubers who were brave enough to share their smiles.

Music: "Sunray Smile" recorded by Amber Van Vleet (used with permission)
free MP3:

What a difference a sunray can make
in a world that's tired of the rain.
What a difference a smile can make
in a heart that's filled with pain.

(She had a) Sunray smile
Fairer then the spring or a rainbow
Sunray smile
Come to melt away the snow

The darkness of a shadow always flees
where ever a sunray is found
The darkness in a heart always leaves
when the glow of that smile is around

(She had a)
Sunray smile
Fairer then the spring or a rainbow
Sunray smile
Come to melt away all the snow.
In my heart today.
[Guitar chords:
C G Am
F G C (G) ]

My website:

Thanks YOUTUBE for the feature on the frontpage!!

We'll finish up with an excellent cover of a Cold Play song from Chinese musician living in the US, singingdork888. Between this, and his other versions of the same song, he has earned well over half a million video views. Check it out and you'll hear why!
Coldplay - Viva la Vida

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: singindork888
Rating: 4.91
Views: 216678
Comments: 2557
Category: Music

My THIRD take on
Coldplay Viva La Vida

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