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Serious Subjects

We usually report here on videomakers who make music, skits or comedy bits. Today, we present a collection of more serious videos on topics that you may want to ponder. If you're looking for YouTubeStars who sing, do skits or funny bits - don't worry! We'll contintine to bring you those vids in the future, as we have for the last two and a half years! Check back often, or better yet, Subscribe to our RSS feed!

First, The News! I hear from my friends at the TubeRavers Forum that over a dozen people have visited the site from the link I gave in the last post. I've been asked to help boost membership on TubeRavers, where people go to talk about YouTube videos and related subjects. So please continue to follow this link and check out TubeRavers!

Are you a fan of the Twilight series of books? The movie opens in 2 weeks! Connect with other Twilight fans at the TeamTwilighter website. It has the New Movie Trailer on the Homepage and 4 other Twilight clips too. Team Twilighter is a YouTube Vlogging channel where 8 fans of the Twilight saga create their videos for their day. Right now, TeamTwilighter has 73,158 Total Video Views and 796 Subscribers on YouTube! Visit their Video page to watch their 10 most recent videos. Also, check out Their Store to get some Shirts, Bags and other gear, all with their cool logo on it!

Barack Obama was elected President of the US on November 4th. Congrats and Best Wishes! The job will not be easy but the good will of the people of the world goes out to him. This is the speech he made in Chicago, the night of the election. Watch it; it's a good one!
President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago

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Made by: BarackObamadotcom
Rating: 4.76
Views: 2381986
Comments: 0
Category: News & Politics

Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4th, 2008 in Chicago.

The world economy is not doing as well as it was just a few years ago. You might not feel as Rich as you once did. However, in one sense, Richness is a state of mind. Watch this video and consider that if you have a computer and internet service, you are much better off than most people today and almost every person who lived in older days. lorax2013 says it better than I can; just watch!
How to become rich immediately

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Made by: lorax2013
Rating: 4.79
Views: 5418
Comments: 97
Category: Education

Probably the most important thing anyone can ever know about money and wealth.

money wealth rich poor how to balance career fear greed trading investing retirement control job love hate psychology us

Here's a video from a year and a half ago that didn't get noticed much. It is about Vlogging and proffers a Vloggers' Code: "It's about responsibility and respect. It's about honor and integrity. It's about entertaining and enlightening." This applies also to commenting on any video on YouTube, and being a member of the videomaking and video watching community. Watch this excellent collaboration vid!
This Is Our Vloggerhood

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Made by: thefrozenghost
Rating: 4.61
Views: 440
Comments: 41
Category: People & Blogs

A Vlogger's Code
It's about responsibility and respect. It's about honor and integrity. It's about entertaining and enlightening.

I was lucky enough to work on this video with andymooseman and Curt344...two outstanding gentleman that I would never have met without this amazing thing we call "vlogging".

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Thanks to YouTube for giving us this place to present these little windows into our minds.

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In my opinion, Steven Pinker is one of the greatest thinkers alive today! He has written several excellent books that provide insight into the most magnificent object in the world, the Human Brain. Pinker gives us insight into Human Nature and why we observe some of the behavior we see everyday. In his book, "The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature," Pinker, a Psychology Professor, "attacks the notion that an infant's mind is a blank slate, arguing instead that human beings have an inherited universal structure shaped by the demands made upon the species for survival, albeit with plenty of room for cultural and individual variation. For those who have been following the sciences in question including cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioral genetics and evolutionary psychology much of the evidence will be familiar, yet Pinker's clear and witty presentation, complete with comic strips and allusions to writers from Woody Allen to Emily Dickinson, keeps the material fresh. What might amaze is the persistent, often vitriolic resistance to these findings Pinker presents and systematically takes apart, decrying the hold of the "blank slate" and other orthodoxies on intellectual life. He goes on to tour what science currently claims to know about human nature, including its cognitive, intuitive and emotional faculties, and shows what light this research can shed on such thorny topics as gender inequality, child-rearing and modern art."

In this video, Pinker talks about some of the reaction his book caused. This book is a "must read" for anyone interested in Human Nature. Along with his earlier book, "How the Mind Works," provide an Owner's Manual to the Human Brain!
Steven Pinker: Chalking it up to the blank slate

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Made by: TEDtalksDirector
Rating: 4.80
Views: 9728
Comments: 67
Category: Education

Description: Steven Pinker's book The Blank Slate argues that all humans are born with some innate traits. Here, Pinker talks about his thesis, and why some people found it incredibly upsetting.

Books by Steven Pinker that you should check out, at

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Have a look at this new video and listen to the song at

This song is by the new youth band "Daddy" from Sri Lanka. The song is sung in the language called Sinhala which is widely spoken in Sri Lanka. "Daddy" comes from the same country Sri Lanka,
as the singer M.I.A. who sings the Pineapple Express Movie song "Paper Planes".
I am sure all of you will enjoy this new song "Chandrayan Pidu"
"Chandrayan Pidu" by "Daddy"


Shaheena - Bathiya & Santhush is another nice new song, and it's by Bathiya & Santhush (BnS) ft. Umara, Ashanthi & Randhir

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