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Battle For Number ONE Female!

Our friend VenetianPrincess is in a battle with Miley Cyrus for the Number One Most Subscribed Female of All Time on YouTube. As we see in this week's Top 100 Weekly Chart, Miley's MileyMandy channel is at number 10 Most Subscribers of All Time, and VenetianPrincess is right behind at number 11. BUT VenetianPrincess gained 12,239 new subscribers last week while Miley only added 3,129. So Miley's lead is shrinking!

Click to see the Chart!

VenetianPrincess, Jodie Rivera in real life, asked me to create a widget to keep track of her progress in her quest to be the Most Subscribed Female of All Time on YouTube. Here is the widget, and below it is code that you can add to YOUR website so your visiters can watch the action in Real Time!

Put your cursor in the box above, hit Ctrl-A to select all, hit Ctrl-C to copy the code. Open your website's source code and hit Ctrl-V to paste in the code. That's how it's done on a PC. If you have a Mac, I can't help ya! ☺

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For more information about this Epic Battle, please watch this video:

Miley Cyrus... It's ON! (Music Video)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: VenetianPrincess
Rating: 4.66
Views: 545166
Comments: 10452
Category: Entertainment

If I beat Miley, I'll be the #1 most subscribed female of all time! Please help me in this revolution, by sharing this video and encouraging people to subscribe to my channel. Still love you Miley, but girl- it's ON! :-)

Let's show the world that for once, the little guy stands a chance against the big wigs. Plus it's all in good fun!

Featuring many of my wonderful viewers.

Generic Miley music composed and performed by: Steve Goldstein of

Vocals written by me, sung and edited by me:

And to those saying this video is me begging for subscribers: This video is the farthest thing from begging. I work hard on my videos, I think the large following that I have acquired without the help of celebrity fame speaks for itself. This was all in good fun.

My concept behind this video was like a pep rally. Where everyone teams together with a positive energy to achieve something together.


You dont understand
What it takes to make my vids

Make no mistake
Miley, I like you but
Its time for you to step aside
I'Il tell you why
So listen to me now

In real life you are such a super star
But here on YouTube
You can only go so far

I just beat Demi
and Selena so
Better pack your bags if you catch my flow

Everybody join the Team VP Campaign
Tell all your friends to subscribe here
And join the train.

Together we can beat Miley
And show the world
That the number one female spot
Can be a normal girl
Also check out my 7 Things Spoof. Based on Miley Cyrus - 7 Things - Official Music Video (HQ) 7 Things featured on her brand new album Breakout available in stores and on iTunes July 22, 2008. Get it now at

Be sure to check the Top 100 Weekly Chart EVERY WEEK to see who is moving Up and DOWN YouTube's Most Subscribed list!

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