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You know him, you love him, he's KwaiChi! One of the Good Guys in the YouTube community, Kwai has been making videos on YouTube almost from Day One. Always looking to do something positive, Kwai was a leader in the Anti-Racism Collaboration and raised money for the Red Nose Day charity. I won the charity auction for the T-Shirt Kwai has on in this video! Lately, Kwai is doing product reviews, like this recent excellent vid about the Nintendo Wii Fit. He's busy, but he found the time to write this Guest Post for us, about Rollercoasters!

But first, The News!

There's a lot going on at YouTube lately!

Fred, played by teen Lucas Cruikshank of Nebraska, was the first YouTube Channel to have One Million Subscribers! I remember a few years back when Lucas contacted me to ask if I would check out his JKL Productions channel, where Fred was created. Things have certainly gone well for Lucas and we at YouTubeStars congratulate him on his huge success!

YouTube continues to partner with large corporations to help pay the huge storage and bandwidth bills it incurs daily. There is now a Shows link at the top of every page, which brings you to a part of YouTube that looks a lot like Hulu! Go check out an old episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" or "Charlie's Angels!" Read more at this Wired blog post.

Just when you thought everyone in the world has visited YouTube, new people pour in again. Already one of the most watched YouTube clips of all time, the recently posted clips (there are many duplicates) of 47-year-old UK singer Susan Boyle auditioning for "Britain's Got Talent" went viral in just days. If you haven't seen this clip, click here to see what everyone is talking about!

And now, KwaiChi's post on Rollercoasters!


Expedition GeForce in Holiday Park, Germany has been voted the best rollercoaster by readers of coastergrotto.com. Oddly I have been on this ride loads of times and although it's fun, it's not a massive thrill in my humble opinion. Here are some geeky statistics:

Type: Steel Junior Hyper
Status: Operating since 2001
Designer: Intamin
Features: Elevator Cable Lift, Terrain
Height: 188 feet
Max Drop: 180 feet
Max Speed: 74 mph
Length: 4003 feet

The video below is a front rider point if view taken by Dutch theme park enthusiast turolaaf:
Expedition G Force onride

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: turbolaaf
Rating: 4.40
Views: 36410
Comments: 45
Category: Travel & Events

A onride from EGF one of the worlds best intamin coasters that does it all. Huge G forces and a drop that makes you insane.... See it is not doing it so make sure you do this ride once in your life.


The largest drop in the world weighing in with a 418ft drop and 2nd fastest ride in the world is simply jaw dropping (that's if your jaw could drop on this ride). Once the top of all the ratings, reviews and record books, the Kingda Ka is a hard one to beat when it comes to the ultimate rollercoaster thrill. Here are the geeky stats:

Current Name: Kingda Ka
Location: Six Flags Great Adventure
Type: Steel Rocket
Status: Operating since 2005
Designer: Intamin
Features: Dual Station, Hydraulic Launch, Vertical
Height: 456 feet
Max Drop: 418 feet
Max Speed: 128 mph
Length: 3118 feet
Comments: This ride goes from 0-128 mph in just 3.5 seconds and lasts just 30 seconds!

Locals of the theme park Frank & Clarilyn posted this and many other rides on their Six Flags Great Adventure channel sixflgs15:
Kingda Ka Front Row Video

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: sixflgs15
Rating: 4.83
Views: 4006320
Comments: 5917
Category: Travel & Events

Front Row Video On Kingda Ka


This year launches a brand new ride which will also be the fastest in the world boosting passengers at an astonishing 135mph! Based at N├╝rburgring, home of the famous public racetrack, the ring┬░racer will be their first theme park style ride to compliment the other attractions available on or around the race track. Even the ride cars will be shaped like race cars! Here are the stats:

Type: Steel Air-thrust
Status: Under Construction opening 2009
Designer: S&S Power
Features: Air Powered Launch
Max Drop: 0 feet
Max Speed: 135 mph
Length: 3960 feet
Trivia: This ride goes from 0 - 134.8 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

As no one has yet had a ride on this yet, there is a youtuber who goes under the name CoasterAnimation who mocks up the conceptial animations for some of the theme park ride designers.
ring??racer - N??rburgring - Animation

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: CoasterAnimation
Rating: 4.76
Views: 7798
Comments: 70
Category: Film & Animation

Speed: 134.8 mph
S&S Power - Thrust Air Coaster
Acceleration: 0 ??? 134.8 mph/2.5 seconds


The longest ride in the world by a long distance is the Steel Dragon 2000 located in Nagashima Spa Land, Japan. Here are the stats:

Type: Steel Giga
Status: Operating since 2000
Designer: Morgan
Features: 2 Tunnels
Height: 318 feet
Max Drop: 307 feet
Max Speed: 95 mph
Length: 8133 feet
Trivia: The ride was closed between 8/23/2003 and 9/2/2006 as a result on an accident.

Theme park reviewers Robb & Elissa Alvey have been roller coaster and theme park "enthusiasts" for over 20 years. They have traveled the globe to experience the thrills of over 1,500 different roller coasters.

Together they have spent 16 years working in the theme park industry and they have been featured on theme park documentaries for Discovery Channel. They posted this front cart point of view video of the Stteel Dragon 2000 on their robbalvey youtube site.
Steel Dragon 2000 POV - Nagashima Spaland, Japan

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: robbalvey
Rating: 4.70
Views: 86872
Comments: 197
Category: Travel & Events

Order Roller Coaster and Theme Park DVDs here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/

Filmed and edited by www.themeparkreview.com Front Seat POV of Steel Dragon 2000 roller coaster at Nagashima Spaland, Japan. One of the tallest full circuit roller coasters in the world next to Cedar Point's Millennium Force.

My thanks go to all the brave people who had the guts to hold on to their cameras, hold them steady and share the best rides with us all. I gave it a go a couple of years back and here is my favourite ride in the world located in Alton Towers, England. It's not the tallest, it's not the fastest and it's not the longest, but it is Oblivion!
Alton Towers Oblivion

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: kwaichi
Rating: 4.83
Views: 2984
Comments: 18
Category: Travel & Events

Kwai Chi commentates on Oblivion @ Alton towers while on the ride.

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