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Little Kids with Dance Moves!

Here's another post written by guest poster Jennifer Arthur. She talks about 5 fun videos featuring little kids dancing their hearts out! These cute little kids are sure to put a smile on your face. Watch these videos with the whole family, but as always, watch out for inappropriate comments that might appear under the videos and don't click on other videos at random with little kids watching - you never know what they might see on YouTube. Its not always a safe place for young kids, so parents, beware! For more, read my popular article - Sex on YouTube, a Parent's Guide. It's the second most popular article on LookingForClues this week!

First, the News!

Two items related to our friend SamProof. Sam is about to begin work on the Third Battle of the YouTube Non-Stars which was originally produced by Jenluv37. See our post on the original Battle. A non-star is defined as an active member of the YouTube community who currently has less than 1000 subscribers. Get over to this video to learn more, and to nominate your favorite non-stars!

This week, we featured an excellent video by Sam on our Weekly Top 100 Chart. It's on Sam's channel but its not really about Sam! It's about Julia, a young lady who is thinking about others as she becomes part of a charity event. Julia is taking sponsorship donations for an event in which she will shave her head to show support for children with cancer. Please consider helping her out! Watch the video on our Chart and then go to the charity page and make a donation:

While visitng out Chart, notice that failblog continues its rise by moving from #35 last week up 5 to the #30 spot. People seem to love watching things go wrong in a funny or embarrassing way! ShaneDawsonTV, the teen male sketch comedy star, jumps 4 spots to pass huluDotCom and BarackObamadotcom! More Fail on the move as JeepersMedia and their Fail Toys jump 7 to #70. And they have only been in the Top 100 for 4 weeks! Going the other way, DaxFlame drops 3 to #95. It's been a while since he's made any crazy videos. Come back, Dax!

And now, Dancing Kids!


Little Kids with Moves!
By Jennifer Arthur

If you have not seen the cool little kids dancing to Low by Flo Rida yet, you are in for a treat. As one who cannot dance her way out of a brown paper bag, I truly appreciate others with such skills. However, when it's a child with moves that make the rest of us envious, it's even better! This little boy and girl definitely put me to shame as they shake their groove thang. Their energy and love for the song are evident as they get Low Low Low.
Dance moves that rock! Low Low Low by Flo Rida

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Made by: Archiepug2
Rating: 4.77
Views: 1799431
Comments: 3220
Category: People & Blogs

Low by Flo Rida

Now, I realize that the Soulja Boy dance moves are not really that difficult. But I never even got the hang of the Monorail, so I'm lost in regard to this latest craze. Yet, these adorable kids not only have the dance memorized—they also have themselves blocked correctly so they can all be seen on the video cam. These Soulja Boy dancers have definitely worked it out and coordinated their routine with each other like true little professionals.

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Made by: hottgurlinaz
Rating: 4.53
Views: 3927665
Comments: 6477
Category: Music

HOW WE CRANK DAT SOULJA BOY IN AZ, THANX MOOKIE... we shot this video for fun before they even really knew how to do the whole dance

The great thing about kids is their total lack of inhibitions. They have no concept of being "good" or "bad" dancers. They simply feel the music and want to move. Which is what I love about these two kids. Clearly not the coolest kids on the dance floor, and yet, they are having a blast! It's impossible not to feel their enthusiasm and it reminds me of my early days spent with my little brother, dancing around the family living room. I'm sure we looked nerdy, but we didn't care!
Dancing Kids are Funny

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Made by: muveedad
Rating: 4.27
Views: 108364
Comments: 119
Category: Comedy

Candid video starring Jaden and Jakob dancing their hearts out. Note the contrasting styles.

I'm not a huge fan of techno music, although I've been to a club or two in my day. But ravers have got nothing on these two little boys! The first little tyke just can't help himself. He's not even 2 yet watch how much he gets into the music! And the second young man is going to break some hearts in a few years. He has no problem showing off his style, and I don't blame him. If I could dance like him, or any of these kids, I'd be putting myself on YouTube as well!
1 Year old kid dance to techno / hardstyle

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Made by: YosemiteSS
Rating: 4.81
Views: 18645
Comments: 55
Category: Comedy

A 1 year old child listens to hardstyle and feels the rythm :)

Techno Kid

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Made by: GoldHc
Rating: 4.44
Views: 82202
Comments: 330
Category: Music

Description: (neue Community sucht aktive Member und MODs!)


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