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Fun Summer Videos

How's your summer going so far? Been on vacation? Spending your time by the pool? Seen some good movies? I'll bet you've watched a ton of YouTube videos! Here are four fun summer videos you may have missed.

But first, The News! Michael Jackson may be gone but he's not forgotten. He may become more famous after death than when he was alive, much like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. Did you see the Memorial Special on TV yesterday? I did, many moving moments, especially at the end with Michael Jackson's 11 Year Old Daughter "Paris" Tearful Goodbye. Here's a link to some clips from the Michael Jackson Memorial program.

Michael Jackson is growing in popularity on YouTube too! Last week he entered the Top 100 Weekly Chart for the first time, and at number 39! This week, Michael Jackson moved up another 10 spots, with 63,495 new subscribers. How much will Michael Jackson move up next week? Be sure to check The Chart each week!

Be sure to watch the Featured Video on this week's YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart - YouTrax Bunch - a parody of the Brady Bunch opening credits! This is an excellent video made by Michael Boyce on his tinkermusic and YouTraxTV Channels. Michael does interview videos with YouTubeStars like Krista Nicole, Tiffany Jo Allen, Alyssa Bernal, Angelica Vasilcov, Savannah Berry and many more!


Do you have pets? How'd that go for ya? Having pets is a responsibility if you want them to stay alive and thrive. It didn't work out so well for Alyssa. First the mice died, then she tried Cactus plants - should be easy to care for them, right? Umm, well, let's see how that went! :) Alyssa always makes fun videos, watch them all and subscribe!

Have you recently lost a pet? Here's an article on how to deal with it.
Are you in a Long Distance Relationship, like Alyssa? Here's
ideas on how to make it work!

nature hates me.

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: UmLikeUhlyssa
Rating: 4.93
Views: 202
Comments: 33
Category: People & Blogs

R.I.P. Jane, you stupid jerk.

HayleyGHoover is one of the best young vloggers on YouTube! She is funny, creative, a good singer and actress. She's also a teenager, and teenagers have "a lot of angst!" So she's used to getting looks when she displays it, but now she's getting a different look. Why? Watch the video!
Pink Hair and Angst

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: hayleyghoover
Rating: 4.91
Views: 18765
Comments: 437
Category: Comedy

I normally script my videos a day or two ahead of time, but this one was all done on the fly. Can you tell? Haha. :)

My blog:
My twitter:

Lucy is another great young vlogger. Here, she talks about two recently popular websites, "What the heck!?!? These websites are stupid!" But Lucy finds some funny posts on the sites. Watch and enjoy Lucy's insights!

Here's a new website that's definitely Not Stupid! TweetJunction is a place to post pics, videos, blogs and more - then Twitter them out with the Tweet It button!


Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: OMGitsLucy814
Rating: 4.23
Views: 754
Comments: 35
Category: People & Blogs

stupid websites:

Here's one from Last Summer. Alissa sings a song thats amusing right from the first chord. She tells you how to put a link in the YouTube description in the sidebar, and how to point to it! Just push Play, and enjoy!
Links in the Sidebar

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: MissAlissa15
Rating: 4.84
Views: 2314
Comments: 97
Category: Music

An original song by Alissa (whoa, that's me!!)

It skips a bit in places, but whatever. You get the point.

You've got a friend,
You put inside your vid,
You better put their,
Link in the sidebar.

Show it to your fans,
Point to the link in the sidebar.
It's never where you,
Think it is.
Damn you, link in the sidebar.

But here's a trick:
Don't wanna look like a n00b
It's really quite simple...

You put your right hand in,
You put your finger out
Point to your left shoulder
Sure it feels a little weird at first
But pointing to the wrong side is epically worse

You'll see when you edit
You're a true youtube win
Impressing your viewers,

And you can remember when you're filming.
You'll never go wrong,
And if you forget,
Well you can sing this little song.


Links in the sidebar,
Are not only for your friends,
Give credit to your music,
Or your youtube career will end.

Next time you see someone do it,
And it's an epic fail,
Just L.I.T.S me,
And I will spin them this little tale.


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