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Guest Blogger, Diana

Hello, my YouTube friends! Here is a post by Guest Blogger, Diana. You can watch videos of Diana's Delightful Ducks & Dogs on her Channel, dianahottie78.


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This ones for the girls, Makeup tutorials done by Panacea81 (Lauren, age 27, United Kingdom). Amazing woman with such talent in making it easy for us to put on crazy beautiful and Popular styles of makeup. In this video learn how to get the look
of Kylie Minogue from the video In my arms. Lauren tells you what makeup she used and how to put it on. Awesome how easy she makes it. If you are an expert or a beginner in makeup your going to love this Video from panacea81. She also has her own line of makeup kits, you can check them out here:

KYLIE MINOGUE~IN MY ARMS~ Make up tutorial lesson inspired look
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: panacea81
Rating: 4.72
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Comments: 5482
Category: Howto & Style

Hia everyone,

Come and join our makeup community on facebook.
Become a fan, send in your pictures or place your requested looks :)

Thanks for all the requests for this look. It was fun yet a little embarrassing to do as I am not exactly a fab canvas to put such a look on but all in all I am happy with the outcome.
The products used are:
MAC shadestick~beige ing
MAC pigment~ chartreuse
MAC pigment blue rebelrock
MAC pigment pink matte
MAC pigment landscape green matte
Paula dorf 2+1 eye brow for brunettes
MAC lipstick~ melt down
MAC cream colour base~ devlish orange
MAC mascara x black
MAC blush honour

I realy hope you enjoy this look :)

Take care and thanks for watching, subscribing and just being fab!

Zoom zoom!

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Richw4 (also known as Little Rich) does comedy shows by using a little Movie magic with his Sony Vegas studio pro 8. Do you use Sony Vegas studio pro 8? He not only does funny sketches he shows you in his tutorials how these little movie magics Are done. He is amazing and I went out and got Sony Vegas pro 8 just to do some of the Awesome things he teaches you. Have a look. His short movies clip called Horrifying Ghost footage can be seen here:

Horrifying Ghost not watch if easily scared! seriously
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Made by: richw4
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Comments: 1004
Category: Science & Technology

Since the last video I made
of the ghostly and spooky goings on in our house, things just got a whole lot scarier. Here is the vid where I caught the ghost and activities on camera.
Thanks to Steve:

Here he teaches you how to do one of the tricks in the video. Ghostly Poltergeist effect...Sony Vegas Tutorial:

Ghostly Poltergeist effect...Sony Vegas Tutorial
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: richw4
Rating: 4.60
Views: 28561
Comments: 193
Category: Howto & Style

check out the playlist on my channel for previous Tutorials if you like.
Following an number of requests on how I did a 'levitating' bottle in a recent video, here is a tutorial to show how it is done.
The sound of the bottle hitting the camera in the original video was simply recorded separately and added into the video. I also 'shook' the camera to make it look like the bottle had hit it. This tutorial is just to give you the basic idea and the techniques are really useful, I used it recently in a video 'Hide n Seek' to throw a book accross a split screen:

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You ready for a good laugh? A silly girl who makes you just want smile. Sit back relax and smile. rhondaanthonytanner
(Brittani Taylor City: Los Angeles) Brittani Taylor plays a character named Rhonda Anthony Tanner (R.A.T for short) In these video Sketches, R.A.T. Is a cupcake obsessed clueless life coach, her words :0) Brittani is the kind of girl who just likes to see you smile, and does not mind looking funny while doing it. Here is video one:

R.A.T. Cupcake Love
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Made by: rhondaanthonytanner
Rating: 4.19
Views: 27530
Comments: 479
Category: Comedy

Cupcakes are a beyond huge part of my therapy and my life and stuff, they are my sugary miracles, and like I want to talk about my favorite thing to like eat and how to eat them and why eat them and stuff, get ready to get messy--Sending Sparkly sprinkly sprinkle wishy wishes--Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching

More Advice and stuff at:

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DecimalBrothers in When Annotations Go Bad. Some friends of mine told me to check out this video and am I glad that I did. I subscribed as soon as it was over, funny sketch, great imagination. Perfect for anyone looking to unwind and have a good laugh!

When Annotations Go Bad
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Made by: DecimalBrothers
Rating: 4.93
Views: 46860
Comments: 403
Category: Film & Animation

If the annotations are not working, try refreshing the page or watching it in a different quality.

Btw, you can now follow us on twitter!

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Edbassmaster takes his goofy sketch to Lowes where he pretends to work for the Men in Black (MIB) talking to real employees about the 1000's of aliens in the country and how most work at Lowes
very cute and great sports about the whole thing.

Men In Black
Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: edbassmaster
Rating: 4.87
Views: 252342
Comments: 2187
Category: Comedy

I went to Lowes, Wal-Mart, and Target in search of aliens.

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Thank you for including me in your blog!! HUGS!!--Brittani aka RAT :)

well.. it's like I thought!

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