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Battle of the YouTube NonStars

Here's some info about another cool contest going on at YouTube. SamProof has been hosting Season Three of the Battle of the YouTube Nonstars, originally developed by JenLuv37. Read all about the contest, here. Our guest blogger, Diana (beautiful picture at left), is back with a nice review of videos by some contestants. Have a look at Diana's channel, it is dianahottie78.

News: Round One has just finished, and the winners are announced in this recent video. Congrats to the winners! Everyone in this contest did a great job. :)


You don't have to adore pugs to get a kick out of this ( but I think it would help! ) I loved this video. Perfect and you can tell the owner has a great imagination and love for this little guy. This was so cute and funny I had to subscribe just to see what he was going to do next with this awesome acting pup! Come on and see what I mean.
Dash Murderkill: pug Assassin

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Made by: jjscomedy
Rating: 5.00
Views: 211
Comments: 1
Category: Comedy

The ultimate death dealer.

Julie ( Aka Julieofsburbia ) Is an adorable 16 year old Danish girl who talks about everything. She has an adorable accent that makes the videos more appealing to me. ( I just think it’s so cute. ) She talks about anything and everything and I don't know about you but that is just refreshing to me. She talks to the camera as if she is hanging out with an old friend. Cute, and something to pass time so go check out this little Cutie.
I'm still here

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Made by: JulieOfSuburbia
Rating: 5.00
Views: 69
Comments: 5
Category: People & Blogs


Ok this is great for a laugh. This is the Anti-lullaby. He plays the ukulele and sings his own song called "A Better Version of You." I have to say I LOVED IT. The ukulele is a little loud and it’s hard to hear the words so pay close attention because it’s really fun and you don't want to miss a thing. Come on now, go hear for yourself!
A Better Version of You - Paul and Storm [Cover]

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Made by: craigtotherichie
Rating: 5.00
Views: 249
Comments: 4
Category: Music

This song is the "anti-lullaby." Parents use it to wake their children up in the middle of the night. Embrace it

Ok this one is for the photographers out there. (And well anyone really who just loves or enjoys beautiful outdoor pictures!) Theses pictures were all taken by Andy himself. He has an amazing eye for color and light. The images seem to jump at you and I found myself putting the video on pause more than once to see some of these perfect nature pictures as close as I could. Go check out this video if you love pictures of nature. You won’t be sorry!
In The Woods

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Made by: andymooseman
Rating: 0.00
Views: 108
Comments: 28
Category: Entertainment

A photo video.

All photos were taken, by myself, in Brede High Woods, Sussex. Approx 10 miles from where i live:

The soundtrack is provided by the birdsong in the woods. Recorded on my iPhone.
You may need the volume turned up, for the best effect.
This video looks pretty good in full screen mode too.

For a bit more info on the woods, check out this video:
The appeal was successful btw :)

Perfect, you may not understand this video, so just go here to watch where he got it from: He did this so well. Now that suit up day has past, I wonder how many people do you think really did this? Looked like fun; had I know about this, maybe .... maybe I would have done it too. What do you think? Would you have done the Day of Awesome: International Suit-Up Day?
Day of Awesome: International Suit-Up Day

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Made by: AndySmiirnoff
Rating: 4.27
Views: 962
Comments: 13
Category: Travel & Events

Barney Stinson, Advocate for Awesome!

Be a Bro. Be Awesome. Suit Up!

It will be LENGEN- I hope youre not lactose intolerant because the next word is DARY

Facebook it: International Suit-Up Day

Don't get the intro?

Suit Up! :D

This adorable young man's name is Dan. He wrote, sings and plays this song called "Serenade City." You can tell when this kid gets older he is going to really have it all going on. Practice makes perfect and for someone so young to write, sing and play? “WOW,” all I can say is, you go boy! I look forward to seeing what this kid can do when he gets older. Go see what I mean!
Serenade City (Original)

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Made by: DanSealey47
Rating: 4.44
Views: 221
Comments: 8
Category: Music

A song I wrote. 8]

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awesome These reviews ROCK!!! Keep doing what you do!

Hi Diana lovely picture. Keep up the good work you will get there. You deserve it. You have the smaina and the looks and attitude plus the determination.. Good luck

Who is this new writer? I am in :LOVE: would love to see more!

I love the photo!!! I look forward to seeing more and are a truly gorgeous woman! BEAUTIFUL! Cannot wait for more!

Awesome reveiws I will keep coming back for more!

Beautiful picture. Your reviews are written very well, and help the person know what the videos have in store for them. Great job!

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