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Lucie Jones on X Factor Looks Like Kristen Stewart?

I have read and enjoyed every Twilight book, and I've seen the movie too! I often go to TwitterTwilight.com to check out the latest Twitter buzz on the Stephenie Meyer book series and the movies being made about the books. The first movie, Twilight, came out last year and now fans are looking forward to New Moon, coming out this November. On TwitterTwilight.com, you can see the latest Tweets about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. You can also find the latest News articles on Twilight and buy Posters too!

So I'm looking through recent tweets about Twilight and I find one about Lucie Jones, an 18 year old girl from Wales who is doing well in the X Factor competition. X Factor is similar to American Idol, America's Got Talent and Britian's Got Talent. It even has Simon Cowell as one of the judges. Lucie just sang "I Will Always Love You" originally done by Whitney Houston, a few days ago on the show. Several people on TwitterTwilight.com are saying that Lucie looks a lot like Kristen Stewart who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight movies! I tend to agree, she does look a little like Kristen, mainly from the side angle views in the video.

Check out Lucie doing an amazing job with "one of the hardest songs in the world to sing," and see if you think she looks anything like Kristen. Or maybe you think she looks like a young Ann Margaret, some have said that too! In any case, she sings great, enjoy!

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ermmm, a small point, originally done and written by dolly parton.
lucie sings it as well as , if not better than anyone i've heard.

true, dolly parton did write the original version of the song.

Lucie sang it beautifully, it was breathtaking.

Now, as for looking like Kristen, I don't think so, personally i think Lucie is prettier than Kristen, but people shouldn't compare the two as they are both gorgeous in their own way. No one person tries to look like another, there just happen to be similarities, and being the judgmental things that we are, people will definitely point it out.

She looks nothing like Kristen Stewart in real life. Word.

Looks like Lucie is still in the contest. I found this:

X Factor Live Finals Show 2

18 October 2009

This weekend saw the contestants battle it out once again to remain in the live finals of this years X Factor competition. The theme was diva and with Whitney Housten making an appearance a number of the contestants chose to sing Whitney's songs.

Lucie Jones - "How Will I Know" (Whitney Houston)

I can't believe Lucie Jones out of the X Factor tonight. She is the best singer in the whole show. Simon Cowell is a coward not voting her in. I will never watch the show again.The whole competition is a sham.

Kristen stewart is HOT! Lucie indeed looks like her particularly when she got her more laid back make over!lucky lucie!

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