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Even More Music Videos!

Here we are again, bringing you the newest Future YouTubeStars! Here are 4 music videos, with commentary by both Kenny and Diana! This post's videos are all by females. There are many great male music video makers too! I love the music of bsondahl, capo420420, dayoffproductions, goldhat3, jcvanluyn, KrisShred, MysteryGuitarMan, PeriUrban, PianoPlaya123, stealurface1976, and many others; all male!

But this time, we'll see 4 videos by talented females who have a future in the music business. PLUS, I'm adding a special BONUS VIDEO from 41 years ago, featuring 4 young ladies who were between 12 and 15. They won a contest with $10,000 in prizes! Watch all FIVE videos, 4 from Now and one from Then.

But first, The News!

Did you know that Miley Cyrus has a little known YouTube channel? It is MileyOfficialOnline and there is a contest going on over there! The contest is - Be a Superstar! Win a Record Deal - and you can see the 6 finalists at one of Miley's websites. Did you also know that Miley just opened a new Twitpic account about an hour ago???? Is it really Miley's account, or not? Go see the 15 pics up there!

Talented UK singer Cordayrox was on the Radio recently! Gerry Richards, a local radio personality in or near Bristol, interviewed Cordelia and you can hear it, here. Cordelia's video description is "thank youuuu jerry, actually so grateful :) there we go guys, i'm now clearly a worldwide star, waheyy. hope you enjoy :)" Congrats, Cordelia!

And now, for something completely different...
The Taliban has a YouTube channel? What? It's true, and this is it. Only one video is on there. They had a gruesome one and YouTube took it down. Read more, here.

Pop/Rock Fans...
U2 is going to stream their entire concert, live, on YouTube this weekend! If you are a fan of U2, be sure to visit their YouTube Channel October 25th (this Saturday) at 8:30 PM Pacific time. Read more on the YouTube Blog.

Okay, now let's watch some entertaining Music Videos!

Name: Krista Nicole
Style: Singer-Songwriter
Subscribers: 28,934

Diana: Krista Nicole is a 15 year old singer songwriter who lives in Oregon. Have you heard this girl yet??? If not, you're missing out - what a powerful voice. Beautiful and pure, don't miss out on this one. The name of this song, which she sings and wrote, is "Your Silence Screams Goodbye." I can't get over the talent this 15 (yeah, I said 15) years old has. Check it out and let me know what YOU think!! Ah and yes I can't forget, this girl doesn't mind you seeing some mess-ups, she is adorable and oh yeah did I say she is only 15????
Kenny We have been writing about Krista for over 2 years now, here at YouTubeStars. She is a very nice and so is her dad, who usually plays guitar on her videos. This is a great Original song and is recorded in very high quality audio. You'll love it, just like we do! Best wishes to Krista!

Krista Nicole Original - Your Silence Screams Goodbye - and Outtakes

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: KristaHeartzuz
Rating: 4.88
Views: 13678
Comments: 433
Category: Music

I wanted to post an original song that we have been working on to get some feedback from viewers letting me know what you like and what you don't. So be sure and rate and leave comments. I do read them (: If the song ends up being liked, it will probably be the next one we work on a full produced version.

"Your Silence Screams Goodbye"

It's been so long since I have seen your face
But it's better that way
I'm dizzy and so lost
I don't understand how you have won once again
How do you do this so well
You're hurting me can't you tell

You played me for a fool
And when I thought I had control
You dropped me down and let me know
Loves a game here nothings real
Your words so well rehearsed
You lied to me that's not a first
So the story goes with no end
And once again your silence screams goodbye

You'd think by now I'd learn your games
But somehow I forget
Someone like you could be so vain (so vain)
I'm sick of wasting my time texting you every midnight
Hoping that you'll change
You will always be the same

You played me for a fool
And when I thought I had control
You dropped me down and let me know
Loves a game here nothings real
Your words so well rehearsed
You lied to me that's not a first
So the story goes with no end
And once again your silence screams goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye
Silence screams, silence screams goodbye

(Chorus 2x)

Now available on iTunes: "Pure Covers Vol.1 & 2"


My Website:

Thank you all for everything!!

- Krista

Name: Jessica Loren
Style: Pop
Subscribers: 1,182

Diana: Here we have a young women by the name of Jess Loren. Jess is a singer songwriter who is singed to an independent label, and watching and hearing this video you WILL see why. AWESOME! I love a person with a passon for something and showing what they believe in! Jess calls this video Woodstock 2009 PSA - Jess Loren, Let us Be. She says she wrote this song and dedicated it to saving the Earth, the youth of today and our generation. I can really see this girl going places, come see what I mean and tell me, what do you think?? (I think she is adorable!)
Kenny: Jess is a talented young singer/songwriter who plays piano and guitar, and writes her own original songs. She has been performing her material at venues that include Madison Square Garden and the Papermill Playhouse stage. This song shows her concern for the inhabitants of the rainforest. Watch as she plays this tune with her family (and a parrot), causing Jess to almost burst into laughter! This is one of 11 uploads; watch the others too!

Woodstock 2009 PSA- Jess Loren, Let us Be

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: surfhouse
Rating: 4.35
Views: 9070
Comments: 29
Category: Nonprofits & Activism

This is a song that I wrote dedicated to saving the Earth. The youth of today, our generation, has to see what is going on, and we've gotta fix it. Here are the lyrics:

The system these days
They got it all wrong
About us kids
Thinking were following along

But were not paying attention
Were dreaming of turning the page
Without ending up in your enclosed office
Forty hours a week

Oh will you let us be
Let us be, let us be, set us free, set us free,
You locked us up now we want the key

My parents told us the coolest stories
Now what am I supposed to tell my kids
How I sat and read a book
Or how I took at look at stealing
Look how you locked us up tight

Well you saw we werent paying attention
How we dreamed of turning the page
Without ending up in your enclosed office
Forty hours a week

Oh will you let us be
Let us be, let us be, set us free, set us free,
You locked us up now we want the key

The key, the key, the key, the key, oh look at what you've done to me

My head is spinning and Im losing my control
I just wanna go to the party and hear a little rock and roll
But you got the ropes now and your pulling them tight
Will somebody please get me off of this flight

Oh will you let us be
Let us be, let us be, set us free, set us free

Copyright 2009 by Jessica Loren

Name: Meghan Tonjes
Style: Acoustic
Subscribers: 13,790

Diana: Hello all; here we have a very talented young lady by the name of Meghan Tonjes. She is in Michiagn (Oh wow, one from my home town and proud to say so too) Miss Tonjes is singing in this music video she had made for her song called
"The End." Wonderfuly done and I am honored to write this review for an amazing plus size beauty and talent. GREAT VIDEO; a must watch and now added to my favs. I am sure after you hear her you will add her to your favs too. Thank you Meghan for being you!! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think??
Kenny: Meghan has a beautiful voice! This original song is touching, and is recorded in high quality audio. Meghan includes clips form a bunch of YouTubers in this video, including Michael Buckley from whatthebuckshow. Great vid!

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: "The End" by Meghan Tonjes

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: tonjesml
Rating: 4.98
Views: 12374
Comments: 291
Category: Music

PLEASE go send major love to the Director, Greg Deliso

Buy the physical copy of my album/Download:

Song: The End
Artist: Meghan Tonjes

(List of Music Video Appearances-msg me if your name is not listed)
Jess -
Gretchen -
Kelsey -
Sam -
Tess -
Meagan -
Kristin -
Paulie -
Crystal -
Beth -
Genevieve -
Pam -
Elayna -
Michael -
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Sean -

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Name:Rachel Lee Williams
Style: Alternative
Subscribers: 48

Diana: Rachel is a talented 13 year old girl who loves to sing and play the piano and is also enjoying learning the guitar. Rachel in this video
is singing "Let it Be" ( With the Engagments ) Its not often you hear a 13 year old with such a pure and natural talent. Such an adult song and this girl pulls it off with flying colors. If you love to watch kids with talent then this one is perfect for you - NOT one you want to miss out on! Stop by and tell me what do you think???
Kenny: Rachel is 13 and likes The Beatles and Kiss - so do I! She does a beautiful version of a Beatles classic in this video. I love 60s Rock and its great to see young people still getting into the old school pop rock. (For example, watch Allison Brustofski sing a Beatles song, here.) Rachel has a great voice and I'm looking forward to hearing more of her in the future!

Let It Be (with The Engagements)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: RachelLeeWilliams
Rating: 4.80
Views: 257
Comments: 3
Category: Music

This is for a Battle of the Bands contest at my Dad's work.

Bonus Video!

Here's a recording from a TV show broadcast in September of 1968. Watch these 4 young ladies named The Heartbeats do a very cool cover of the Outsiders hit, "Time Won't Let Me." They were an entered into a contest and they won $10,000 in prizes! Read more about this, here.

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How do you do it Kenny? More great singers I like them all and the kids in the bonus one are funny lol. - Kelly

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