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Contest News

Here is a follow-up on two of the contests I recently told you all about. After we hear the exciting results from the contestants, I'll tell you all about a new YouTube contest!

Last week I told you about AllisonBrustofski making the Finals of the New York Songwriters Circle Young Songwriter contest. After performing live last night, Ali WON the Young Songwriters Award! Congrats, Ali!!! Here's what she posted on her YouTube profile:

Wow, what an amazing night! 2009 Young Songwriter Award winner!
Thank you so much for all of the great comments and congratulations!
The winners are now posted at the New York Songwriters Circle site - - and you can hear "Rewind" (it's song #6!) and all of the other amazing artists in their music player!
Lots more exciting stuff to show and tell soon!

This would not have happened without you guys and I can not thank you enough for voting and for ALL of your support! You guys ROCK!
xoxo Ali

Ali had created her own contest to help publicize her participation in this contest. She asked me to help judge the competition and here is her video announcing the contest results:

Last week we also told you about TiffanyJoAllen entering the Yahoo Yodel Contest. She competed for video views against hundreds of other entrants and made the finals by being in the three most watched videos in the U.S. Then in the Finals, she WON by a large margin! If you go to the Yahoo homepage and click the Exclamation Point in the Yahoo logo, you'll hear Tiffany Jo's yodel! Here's what Tiffany Jo said in the video description announcing her win, shown below:
The Yahoo Yodeling Contest is over and thanks to ALL of you I won!
Thank you so much for voting for me.
I really appreciate your support.
Tiffany xo

Here is the latest video from Tiffany Jo, just released today. It's an excellent cover of the popular Kings Of Leon song, "Use Somebody." Tiffany Jo is being filmed by a local News crew as she sings this tune. Here is the description and the video.

Kings of Leon, Use Somebody is one of my favorite songs. I hope you like my version of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. This video was recorded during a segment of my interview with Lou Raguse, an anchor from a Fox News network affiliate. If you like my music, please subscribe and don't forget to Favorite and Share it with your friends!
Thank You!
Tiffany Jo

Here's a brand new contest from an American 21-year-old college student living in Tokyo, Japan. Her YouTube channel is MissHannahMinx. She likes to wear animal headgear and speak Japanese while vlogging from her room. She also likes punk and metal music, and stuffed animals! Hannah says she loves to promote vloggers, and we at YouTubeStars love to promote vloggers and musicians and all kinds of YouTubers, so we're helping Hannah promote vloggers and her contest! Here is the video description followed by the video itself. Good luck to the contest entrants!

Contest just to say thank you to everyone for all the success of this channel so far. ^_^

The guidelines of the contest are also loose and can be broken. Overall I want you to just have fun and be creative. I also love to promote people who are new to vlogging, so this contest is also just an excuse to do that.

Ellthebag inspired it:

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Update (12/3/09):

Ali posted this video about winning the Songwriters Contest -

MissHannahMinx has 12 entries so far in her "Make Me Minxy" contest.

Thanks for helping promote my contest, youtube stars! : D I've really enjoyed all of the cute entries so far. I hope I can still get more so that I can feature even more new vloggers. xoxoxo

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