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YouTube Singers

There are all kinds of singers who have videos on YouTube, from people who sing in their bedrooms to professionals like Miley Cyrus. Her video "7 Things" is the third most viewed video of all time on YouTube at 107 Million views, right behind Evolution of Dance, and Charlie bit my finger - again! (YouTube's Most Viewed Videos)

It is easy to find the videos of the popular singers. They are Featured on the Home page and appear in the Most Subscribed Chart. It's a little harder to find up and coming singers, but we're here to help! We have been writing about YouTubeStars for almost 4 years. We don't catch all the new stars when they are just getting started, but we did write about TiffanyJoAllen when she had 7 subscribers and now she has over 91 Thousand subs. We also wrote about singer and parody maker, VenetianPrincess when she had under 3000 subs - now she has 653,927 and is #10 Most Subbed of All Time, ahead of pop stars like Miley Cyrus (#15 this week, down 1) and Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato (next to each other at #22 and #23).

Today we'll watch 4 videos by talented YouTube singers. I wonder where they will be in 4 years! If you hear and see something you like, subscribe to these future YouTubeStars!

But first, the News!

Whitney Raenan (YouTube, Twitter, Website) is a singer with over 14 thousand subscribers who recently released her single "iCandi" on iTunes and It is a very cool upbeat pop song and I like it a lot! I bought it from iTunes and you should too! Watch this vid where Whitney talks about the single's release.

MissHannahMinx is up to 14 entries in her "Make Me Minxy Contest." You still have a little more time to enter, the deadline is December 20th. Watch her latest excellent video about Japan, "Japanese Cute Obsession."

Long time YouTubeStar Paperlilies was asked by YouTube to attend and report on the Avatar opening in London a few days ago! Watch as she talks to Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez, and gets to shake James Cameron's hand!

Now, watch excellent these singing videos!

Jess Loren (YouTube, Twitter, MySpace) recently uploaded a delightful original tune titled "Home In California." This mid tempo pop song has a great chorus that will get stuck in your head! Jess sings and plays guitar in this song, and the video is a beautiful slideshow of people, places and things. I have played this one many times, it's great!

Melanie Ungar (YouTube, Twitter, MySpace) is 16 years old and lives in Toronto. She sings and plays guitar to cover songs as well as her own originals. She has a sweet voice and is becoming a very good guitar player. Melanie likes to tell a little story or give an update before most videos, which is nice because we get to learn more about her. She seems like a very nice person! This is part of what Melanie wrote about herself on her profile:

I want to inspire people because people inspire me. I want to make people smile. I want to make people laugh. I want to make people open their hearts. I want to make people enjoy life. I want to have an impact on someone's life, through music.
Watch Melanie sing Demi Lovato's "World Of Chances" and enjoy the story she tells at the beginning! Also watch her sing Taylor Swift's "The other side of the door" which is the Featured Video this week at the Top 100 Weekly Chart!

Two weeks ago, our Featured Video was "Colors Of The Wind" sung by Christina Peoples (tinasjak on YouTube). Christina has the voice of an angel! She reminds me a lot of Grammy winning singer and actress, Julie Andrews, so you know she sing very very well! Here is a little more about Christina from her profile:

Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. From choir since 2nd grade all the way through college to perfoming in operas, musicals, reviews, solo concerts, I can't remember a time when I wasn't singing! I did take a break after college from performing, but I missed it so much! So, I began teaching piano and voice which I still do, and started really working on my voice again. I've also had the privilege of doing some TV commercials, one of which my children starred in, as well:) That was so much fun and I'd love to do more but my main focus is singing:) My goal is to entertain through my singing and perfoming and I welcome any comments and suggestions!
Last week, Christina uploaded 2 new videos of songs she recorded professionally in a music studio. This is a beautiful slideshow of the same song "Colors Of The Wind." Also watch/listen to "My Heart Will Go On" (Titanic Theme).

Here is another woman with the voice of an angel! I am not the only one to think this, others have made the same comment. On YouTube, she is cofeescup. On MySpace and iTunes, she goes by the name of lemonflower. Check out her album, "Welcome To My Diary" - I bought a few tracks from it on iTunes and you should too! These original songs showcase her writing, playing and singing talents. Here is the album notes:

Lemonflower is the alias chosen by this artist because her real name evokes images of elderly school marms who bake pies, and perform other such homely tasks. She has recorded her debut in the privacy and comfort of her bedroom, and two in a hospital bed. Lemonflower shares with you her most tender moments through song.
Enjoy this cover of "Michigan" by Red House Painters, and also listen to lemonflower's a cappella version of "Memory" from Cats - it is amazing!

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Hi!!! is one of the most outstanding resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. rocks!

really helpful
keep it up
add more videos

looking forward in listening to some more singers with a passionate heart like Tiffany Jo-Thanks for sharing!
Song Writer-George Earl Thorvald Koch

I've put my first homemade video 2 days ago. Feel free to leave comments :)

Hi Elanee, I watched your video of you singing "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who - it is excellent! You have a nice voice and your performance of this classic rock tune is beautiful. Keep singing, and posting videos!

recently did my first cover:)

first coverr!

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