Thursday, January 28, 2010


Five Music Videos

Here is a mix of covers and originals performed by some of the talented female musicians of YouTube. Please support their music by leaving comments on their videos and subscribing to their channels!

But first, The News!

Do you like the Twilight Saga of books and movies? Nothing new lately on their YouTube channel lately, but you can keep up with what fans are Tweeting about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, at TwitterTwilight. Also check the Twilight News Feed for stories like this latest one: "Twilight stars rock in The Runaways - Good news for Twilight fans. As well as the third instalment, there will be another chance to catch some of its stars this year."

Our friend Ali Brustofski just released a new single on iTunes called "Up Up Up!" and it's great; I bought it already! From the description: "'Up, Up, Up!' is the brand new single by Ali Brustofski, the New York Songwriters Circle's "Young Artist Award Winner"! Click the pic to the left to watch Ali talk about the new song, and you can hear a sample of it too!

Celeste Kellogg is another friend of ours. She is having a Valentine's Day Contest! It runs from February 1st to 10th and you can learn how to enter by watching the video (click the pic). Good luck, everyone!

Okay, now let's watch some Music Videos!

I am really loving Jes Loren's (surfhouse) latest Original song, "Beauty Queen"! It is a guitar based tune showing off Jes' great voice and songwriting ability. The song is a tribute to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, and the video is a nice slideshow of them. Buy this song on iTunes, you will not be sorry, it's great!

Melanie Ungar is back with a new "little vlog" and cover song - "Two Is Better Than One." You could skip ahead to 1:48 if you don't want to hear her talk, but why would you do that? Melanie's little vlogs are pretty cool! She is making this from her new house, with straight hair. Melanie does a great job singing this Boys Like Girls featuring Taylor Swift hit. Enjoy!

Chloe Wilders (ChloeW13) is only 14 but she has been on YouTube over a year and has 10 videos. This young lady from Ireland has a very strong singing voice that keeps getting better and better! Listen to her cover of "Who I Am" by Nick Jonas and the Administration. It's great!

Rachel Farley, from Georgia, is also 14 but has been doing live shows for years! See her MySpace for upcoming shows. "Daddy's Girl" is an original song written by Rachel and Wil Hodge. Rachel plays it in Kentucky in the rain but it doesn't stop her from giving a great performance! Watch, you'll love it!

Christina Peoples (tinasjak) is back with another professionally recorded cover of the song "Angel" originally by Sarah McLachlan. Christina is a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice. Watch the video for a slideshow of Christina and her beautiful family!

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