Tuesday, March 30, 2010


March Music Madness

Here are 4 music videos that were just uploaded to YouTube this month, March 2010. Two are covers and two are originals. Check out these talented female musicians of YouTube. Please support their music by leaving comments on their videos and subscribing to their channels!

But first, The News!

Renetto is doing an interesting new series of videos called "Emo Dad" in which he uses vlogging as a form of therapy. Click the pic on the left to watch EmoDad: Am I a Loser? I also recommend EmoDad: Faith? which deals with faith in God - we wrote about that subject in our last post.

Our friend Cutiemish just released an iPhone/iTouch game app called Puny Humans and it's available at the iTunes app store now. Click the pic to the left to watch Mishy talk about the new app. Click Here to read our interview with Cutiemish.

Wired Magazine has an article in their April 2010 edition about the fifth anniversary of YouTube, titled "The 5 secrets of YouTube's success." Here are a few facts from the article: 87% of ratings are 5 stars. Most discussed video is "10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer" (Not anymore, now its this one. See our last post for more on religion videos.) Fred has a recently inked movie deal. What's the ultimate goal at YouTube? "We want you to go into passive mode, sit back, and watch." (Hmmm, what does that mean for the YouTube community?)

Okay, now let's watch some Music Videos!

I am really loving TiffanyJoAllen's latest video which is a beautiful cover of "Hallelujah"! Her guitar strumming is perfect and her voice is powerful. Tiffany adds her own style to this often covered tune and it came out great! Also watch "Lady Gaga - Paparazzi - Music Video Cover" which features Tiffany acting and singing a very professional version of this hit song. Tiffany says in the description, "I decided to do something a little different this time, and make a music video. I had a blast creating it. Please enjoy my 10+ hours of editing. Haha"

Here is a very well made music video for the new song, iCandi, by Whitney Raenan. The song is upbeat and fun and the acting and editing is very well done. You can buy it on iTunes; I did and I love it! This is our Featured Video this week on the YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart. Enjoy!

Megan Nicole plays guitar and sings so sweetly in this nice cover of the hit song "Baby" by YouTubeStar Justin Beiber. I'm very impressed with Megan's singing - she even does the Ludacris rap perfectly. It's great! Megan made the video "Embedding disabled by request" so click the pic below to watch it on YouTube.
Click to watch on YouTube!

Talented UK singer Rebecca Shearing teams up with buddy Laurie McIntosh on guitar to sing a duet of their cool original song, "Julia". Watch, you'll love it! Also watch their AWESOME cover of "Rude Boy" by Rihanna.

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