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MissHannahMinx - YouTubeStar!

Diana!Our guest blogger, Diana (beautiful picture at left), is back with an interesting review of 4 videos by MissHannahMinx. We first found HannahMinx on YouTube last Fall. She is a college student who likes to wear cat-ear headbands and speak Japanese. She is a black haired punk rock fan with big eyes and a cute voice. She is 21, lives in Philadelphia, and is a single Scorpio.

What's a Minx? Hannah defines it on her MySpace page: an elusive feline or flirtatious girl living in urban areas, loving lace and black ribbons, skateboards and punk music. Last November, Hannah had just a few thousand subscribers. This week, she moves up 3 spots on the Top 200 chart to #190 by adding 4812 new subs last week, for a total of 87,362! Click HERE to see the chart of MissHannahMinx's Subscriber History for the last 10 weeks.

You are about to notice, as you see the video thumbnails below, that Hannah uses a downward camera angle and low cut shirts to show off her cleavage. This has led some to contend that she is just a "big chested chick" who likes to "show her boobs". But MissHannahMinx is much more than that. Get past the YouTube sex stereotype and give Hannah a chance. Watch the videos and see if you don't find her to be pleasant and entertaining!

But first, The News!

Thanks to everyone who regularly visits our YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart! Now we expanded it into a Top 200 Chart. You'll be able to see who fell off the bottom of the Top 100 and who is climbing their way up to soon debut on the Top 100. Check it out; click the pic.

This week's Featured Video on the Top 100 Weekly Chart is a cover of Miranda Lambert's song "White Liar" by bubbly and talented singer Christina Amato. She is 17, lives in Las Vegas and has 67 excellent singing videos that have earned her 765 Subscribers. Follow her on Twitter and visit her MySpace page. Christina also does an amazing cover of "Hallelujah" that you really must watch, it's beautiful! Recent Tweet: "My Glee audition link! (give me gold stars! )"

Okay, now here is Diana's review of MissHannaMinx's recent videos!

Channel Views: 1,869,687
Total Upload Views: 11,547,652
Style: VLogging
Age: 21
Joined: July 27, 2008
Subscribers: 86,692

This amazingly beautiful and sexy young women studied in Japan but is now back in America. Most of the videos were made while she was studying in Japan. She is adorable and so fun to watch!!! Check below to see what I mean as I review her 4 latest videos.

Ok, so there are lots of comments on her videos about why she uses the word "Minxy". In this video, she explains it in an upbeat and adorable way while flaunting her Extreme Sex Appeal to both sexes. She looks amazing and sexy while still keeping a classy look about herself. I adore her look.

As a large chested plus size model I see how men look at us and to be honest its not always wanted. If you wear a low cut shirt, you are looking to be sexy but still respected. The comments I have read on her pages are disgusting and crude and yet she does Not delete them. They say she is looking for attention but I think she is so comfortable with herself that she does not care who reads the bad comments because she knows she is a strong and beautiful women and I for one say GO FOR IT GIRL!!!

Ahhh, now were you the Minxy Akuma (Devil) or the Minxy Tenshi (Angel) when you made a hard choice today? What a great video! She teaches you a bit of Japanese with humor and of course with her sexy adorable self. Let's see... I would say I was on my Minxy Akuma's side today as I had some yummy white chocolate and shhhhh don't tell anyone because I am on a diet :0)

LOL, well now who is Wrap cat? He is an adorable cat who is wrapped for some reason in bandages. He also has a little sister named boot! Ok this reminds me of a darker Hello kitty but I just love him so much I am thinking of asking her how can I get one for myself! But as she said he can be hard to be around as he is kind of bossy :0). Well really now what stuffed black cat isn't bossy???

I am going to be her newest subscriber because this girl just rocksss. Need something to make you smile? Watch these videos. It also does not hurt that the 21 year old young women is VERY easy on the eyes.

Now for the last video. I see she must love that low cut tank top because in 90% of her videos she has it on! Hehe, thats just a side note, I happen to love the shirt - its sexy and classy and well hey I own one almost like it :)

I can't say I understand what this video was about but I will say it kept me watching till the end, LOL... What an interesting little minx this girl is, a modern day Elvira. I love the fact she is not just sitting there talking but she uses effects and greenscreening to spice up her videos. I can honestly say I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!!

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Hey I've been watching this girl since the beginning. Check out her first video before she fully developed that Minxy persona she now has.

Hey Diana I'm a girl and I like Hannah too! She's fun to watch. Good job girl!

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