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Unusual Music Videos

We love to bring you YouTube Music Videos that you may not have seen. Many of the videos we present here feature a person in their room singing a current pop or country song while they play it on guitar or keyboards. The following four videos are different. One is filmed in a shower; one is in Spanish; one covers a song from 50 years ago; one is a quirky original song about an imaginary boyfriend! All the videos are awesome in their own way. Not exactly what we usually post here, but different, in a good way!

We start off with Miss Marlee Goldman on the marrrrxx channel, who teamed up with her friend to film their version of the LeviBeamish All I Ever Wanted shower dance. Marlee lipsyncs and dances to this cool techno tune by Basshunter, sped up for added fun! This takes place in a shower, just like in the original. Intense flashing lights add a dance club atmosphere - maybe I should insert an Epileptic Seizure Warning here... Rather than reading this, just watch the video; and get up and dance!

Okay, while you're up and dancing, click PLAY on this video! It's an upbeat Spanish song titled Mujer Latina, and the sisters who sing it are doing a cool synchronized dance as well! Try to copy their awesome dance moves! Jessica and Jennifer (who also plays bass) sing and dance while their band plays the music - live at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Show. See their rockstuff345 channel for more excellent songs of all genres!

Here's a song by SayakaAlessandra that was a hit for Brian Hyland 50 years ago. This novelty song about a new style of bathing suit reached #1 on the Billboard charts and sold almost a million copies in the summer of 1960. Beautiful Sayaka lives in Italy and is half Japanese and half Sicilian. She loves older pop and rock tunes; watch her covers of Elvis songs and this uptempo dance tune by Connie Francis.

Here comes that Bikini song... Sing along if you know the words - and get up and do The Twist!

DylanPatrello is the musically talented sister of YouTubeStar DaxFlame. This original song exudes dreamy vibes with colorful lyrics and the stylish video completes the package. Read what Dylan says about herself on her profile, watch the video, then visit her site!

Dylan Patrello's music invents a whole new genre: Quirky Pop! Dylan's originals are refreshing, honest, and sure to get stuck in your head! At 22 years old, Dylan earned her Songwriting Degree at Berklee College of music, has written and recorded over 140 songs. She has also self-recorded, produced, and released an album on iTunes, Started her own Custom Songwriting Business site, and is currently co-leading the Reunion Songwriting Group in Boston, Ma.

To have a song custom written by Dylan Patrello visit

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