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YouTube Five Years

As part of YouTube's Five Year celebration, YouTube created a new channel named FiveYear. Today we will see videos from some of the early YouTubeStars as they talk about their years on YouTube.

But first, The News!

We have our WINNERS!

Thanks to everyone who entered OUR CONTEST to win a copy of Mike Lombard's latest release, "Songs For A New Day"! We had 21 comments on our interview with Mike, and each commenter was entered in the contest. The contest ended Midnight Eastern time on June 20th. Here are the two winners: Danielaf555 and leenybella - Congrats to both of you!

Now, here are stories from some original YouTubeStars!


Jessica Rose played the part of Bree on the Lonelygirl15 channel. Originally, people thought she was just another vlogger making videos in her room and uploading them to YouTube. Soon it was revealed that there was a small production company behind the channel. LG15 became the Most Subscribed YouTube channel on the Top 100 Weekly Chart of September 18, 2006. Geriatric1927 had been number one. Before that, Brookers and FilthyWhore spent time at the top spot.

Read more about LonelyGirl15.

Subscriber History for Lonelygirl15.

Original YouTube Profile information:
THANKS for all the nice comments! :) What can I say? Hmmm. My friend Daniel helped me set up this account and he helps me out with the videos (he's kinda a computer genius). I'm homeschooled so I guess that makes me a freak. Not! I don't care about a lot of the same things people talk about on YouTube but I'm trying to learn :) I do know about lots of random things (since I read ALOT)... so if you want to talk about quantum physics I just read "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman?" He's a complete nutjob but BRILLIANT! What else... uh okay I also know a lot about photography. I LOVE Dan Eldon. He was this war photographer who took tons of pictures of Africa and was killed by an angry mob when he was only 23. Crazy huh? I'd like to be like him someday (except for the dying part :). So anyways I'm on here a lot so talk to you soon!


Peter Oakley is known on YouTube as Geriatric1927. He was 79 when he first uploaded to YouTube. His charming style soon won over the community and he became the Most Subscribed member in the fall of 2006. Peter is affectionately known as "The Internet Grandad."

Read more about Geriatric1927.

Subscriber History for Geriatric1927.

Original YouTube Profile information:
I am a widower living alone in the county in the middle of England Uk. My life has been very varied but my love of motorcycles has remained with me all of my life (no I don't have piercings or tattoos).I am a bit of a recluse I suppose as partying and such do not appeal. I have a degree in fine art which I got at the age of 60+ so have interests there.Blues music is essential to my well being and have been addicted since a child. I have a background in mechanical engineering. I guess that's enough. Ask me if you want to know more.


Paul Robinett is Renetto on YouTube. He started out in mid 2006 by doing "Renetto Reviews" videos. These were a series of funny commentaries on videos made by popular YouTubers, notably the highly subscribed LittleLoca. Paul used a goofy voice which was reminiscent of Bill Murry's "CaddyShack" character. We wore black thick-framed glasses, donned iPod earphones and stuck a toothpick in his upper lip to look like the part he was playing. Eventually he dropped the act and made many different kinds of videos, from comedy to vlogging to lifestreaming to community boosting. Paul still vlogs and can also be found on his site, Vloggerheads.

Read more about Renetto.

Subscriber History for Renetto.

Original YouTube Profile information:
I am an Artist Inventor Musician Entrepreneuer. I like to say that I am "Self Unemployed". When you get to do the things that I do and make money doing them it's hard to call it "Work" or even think of them as a "Job".

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