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Songs, and a Circus!

This is post number 190 at YouTubeStars! We've been doing this for over 4 years now and our popularity continue to increase. Google Analytics says we had 17,421 pageviews in the last month; thanks to all our readers!

Also, we have been publishing our "YouTube Top 100 - A Weekly Chart of the 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Members" every week since mid 2006, and now our Chart gets almost as many pageviews as this blog. A few months ago, we launched our Top 200 Weekly Chart, which has the top 200 Most Subscribed channels on YouTube. This is data that you can only get from our Chart. YouTube doesn't provide this information. They only show the top 100 Most Subscribed channels. So check out our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts every week!

We will be watching three music videos and an interactive Circus film today...

But first, The News!

Savannah Berry, whose YouTube channel is SavannahSings gave us some exciting news this week. While vacationing in Orlando with her family, Savannah auditioned at Disney Studios for the American Idol Experience and qualified for a producers audition, allowing her to skip all the long lines! She auditions for American Idol next month; good luck Savannah!
Wait, there's more! Savannah was just chosen to open for platinum selling artist Sammy Kershaw at the July 17th fundraiser for the E.C.H.O Foundation at at Tin Hall, in Texas. Read more, here.

We mentioned in our Mike Lombardo Interview that Mike was competing at OurStage to open for John Mayer. He came in first out of hundreds of bands after rounds of fan judging. Now the OurStage people will select the winning band that gets to open for John Mayer. Click the pic and watch the video (which is kind of loud) - Mike will tell you all about it!

We have been writing about the Emo Kids since we first began this blog over 4 years ago. "Matt" was one of the first YouTubeStars and helped to make YouTube the sensation it is today. He went away for a while, came back, left again, but is now back with a new string of videos. Click the pic to watch his review of "We Are The Arsenal" new EP, "There Will Come Soft Rains" in his unique Emo style!

Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight Saga, was released last week and has already taken in $300 million at the Box Office. But not everyone likes the books. Here is an intelligent presentation by one woman on why she does not care for Twilight. Click the pic and watch - see if you agree or not. For Tweets, News, Posters and Videos about all things Twilight, visit

The vlogbrothers have organized VidCon 2010, a conference for and about videomakers. It runs from July 9th through 11th and takes place in Los Angeles, which just had a 5.9 magnitude Earthquake! Click the pic for more info on this sold-out event, which is supposed to be streamed live... Shane Dawson is going to be there!

Now, watch these videos!

Aldo Blaga is a 23 year old man from Romania who has one of the best singing voices on YouTube! I've heard thousands of singers on YouTube in the last 5 years and I know what I'm talking about. Just have a listen to his cover of Crying, originally done by Roy Orbison in the summer of 1961. Then listen to any other song he uploaded and you'll be just as pleased. This man is going to go far!

Charming and popular YouTube musician Tiffany Jo Allen is back with an awesome cover of Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy." Tiffany Jo has about 110 Thousand subscribers and over 28 Million Total Upload views, making her one of the more popular musicians on YouTube. She is well liked because of her awesome singing and guitar playing, as well as her high level of interaction with fans by responding to comments and talking to them at her many shows. Watch any video on her channel and you'll be glad you did!

Irish lass Chloe Wilders is only 14 but has already done some live shows and written her own songs. Here's one called "Naked" - Chloe does a great job of singing and playing guitar, and listen to the lyrics, they're quite good! Watch her other videos, including her latest one "Gypsy" by Shakira, on her YouTube channel.

We have been watching and writing about OlgaKay for almost three years now. This young Russian actress and juggler living in LA has always been fun to watch and now she is getting the recognition she deserves. She stars in this beautifully made short interactive film about Circus life, which already has nearly 3 Million views and has just been up a little over a week. Olga keeps climbing up the YouTube Top 200 Weekly Chart of Most Subscribed channels. This week, she climbed three spots up to #121 Most Subscribed. It won't be long before she enters the Top 100!

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