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Anna writes about Guru NosebleedBaby

Anna!This post features a review of videos by NosebleedBaby, a German woman who does unique and interesting makeup tutorials - written by Guest Blogger, Anna. That pretty lady at the left is Anna! :-)

Anna's YouTube channel is Annaconda1984.

Visit her channel and watch some of the 210 videos she has uploaded. Anna has over 17 Thousand Subscribers and about 1,192,718 Total Video Views!

My favorites include Anna's singing duet with KrisShred and her compilation with 18 YouTubers reciting The Raven by Poe.

Anna's article is below...

But first, The News!

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Now, here is Anna's article!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Guru is a Hindu or Sikh spiritual leader or head of a religious sect, an influential teacher. What does that have to do with Youtube, you might ask? Well, the massively booming Guru category is a section like the Comedian, Musician, Reporter or Director divisions, often reviewing and sometimes even setting new Fashion and Makeup trends. The consumerist, makeup worshiping world tunes into so called Haul clips. These are videos which are not meant to brag about what the presenter bought, but moreover to either briefly show what just came out, or in the best cases to illustrate the pro's and con's of what they feature and sometimes also to demonstrate how to use or apply it.

A Guru would not be a Guru if she did not teach; so some of the more creative ones make Tutorials giving step to step instructions on how to achieve a certain look, how to style one's hair a certain way or maybe even how to make one's own handmade soap or lipgloss. The presented looks are often inspired by seasons, celebrities, music video costumes, animals, insects, movie or fairy tale characters and different time eras.


In outfit or eye of the day videos, the viewers can find inspiration on what goes together clothing wise or what will be most suitable for a certain occasion and they learn about stunning new ways to turn ones eyes into ever glistening gems. In part one of this series I am going to present one of the most meritorious ones among the Gurus, Nosebleedbaby.

Angélique would certainly deserve a PhD in Maquillage and Presentation; the 24 year old German vlogs in two languages simultaneously, German and English, making creative slide shows or videos (sometimes cocktails of both) accompanied with a wonderful choice of mood setting music. How does she manage to post videos in 2 languages you might ask? Is she splitting her clips into an English and a German half, and would not in that case, the videos get too long?

According to common belief, the attention span of most Youtube users is supposed to last around 3 minutes; this could be due to changes in the brain structure of a twitter brained, scanning, ever growing internet user-ship that seeks explosions and surprises every minute. Who would watch a slide show when there are videos? In this case, every single video would be highly recommendable not just because of their creativity but due to their overall aesthetics, everything seems to match perfectly including the timing and the tone. It seems that the music has been written for her videos rather than just added in randomly.

Her looks stand out not just because they are professionally painted, vivid and original but because they have a voice. The viewer will remember the gloomy, mysterious Moth from the MOTH TUTORIAL VIDEO or the elvish Autumn nymph and imagine them on a stage, in a movie and maybe even in a modern fairy tale.


In the Moth Tutorial video, her pearly porcelain skin contrasts with the jet black eyeshadow and lipstick making her eyes glow like the round pattern on a peacock feather. The latter, the multifaceted girl uses to round off her look giving the moth it's long elegant feelers. This moth certainly has personality! Angélique variates between editorial makeup looks and ones one would wear at stylish motto parties. Applied with much less intensity one might wear some of the presented looks even on a daily basis. Angelique has a great nose for fashion trends, ironically without taking any interest in fashion magazines. She often plays around with complementary colors and sometimes she gives different options on what would suit the demonstrated eye makeup, for instance, so the viewers can decide for themselves.

If Angelique's channel were a thing, it would be a tree painted by Autumn, her videos being the leafs, kaleidoscopes of colors and surprises.


In her video, AUTUMN TUTORIAL, she seems to have caught the moment of transformation of a leaf in her eye makeup. The Rhodonite colored eye shadow with the dark eyeliner makes her eyes seem dreamy, somehow romantic. The emphasis of this look is on the eyes, everything around it seems to support it: the magenta blush, the rosy lips, the berries around her neck and even her hair are tones of wine. She could easily pass as a modern forrest elf with her pierced lip and ruby berries grooving around her neck.


Speaking of dancing berries, if you want to stand out on the dance floor maybe the look from the ACID GREEN TUTORIAL with it's rich glowing emerald eyeshadow, could be the party makeup of your choice. In terms of cocktail names, we see a contrast between crocodile eyes (her favorite color) and el diablo lips making her face pop like that of a character from a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Her hairstyle is unique and creative, suiting the makeup that seems to be asking if you're "brave enough to stand out?"

How come she never speaks in her videos, is she shy and compensating her timidity through extremely bold makeup looks so she seems braver, you might ask? Not really! She wants to keep her videos bilingual and the way she chose works well for her reaching both German and English speaking viewers. It is surprising she is not a makeup artist, it's "just a hobby (she says), a creative outlet for me." She seems professional at what she does and at the same time she is open to experiment and try new things. The passion and care for the detail as well as a great feel and understanding for color and texture make this channel among the most effective and inspiring on Youtube. Head over and see for yourselves!

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this is really a very good article!love the way she does her makeup!:)

Thoroughly and well written(again!). I suggest the author to use her abilities not just around make-up:)))

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