Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Diana reviews Spanish related videos!

Diana!Our beautiful and sweet guest blogger, Diana (attractive picture at left), is back with a review of 4 videos with a Spanish flavor! Read what Diana says about these videos made by our Latin / Spanish decent sisters and brothers. Please read Diana's last guest post, about female musicians!

Enjoy Diana's review!

Hello, today we have some videos of our beautiful Latin, and Spanish decent sisters (and brother) - from amazing singers to learning the basic concepts of Spanish. Look at the 4 videos down below!

Hola, hoy tenemos algunos videos de nuestro hermoso latín, y de hermanas y hermano decentes españoles, de canta asombroso a aprender Los conceptos básicos de español. Mire Los 4 videos abajo!

REIK - Fui (A Capella en Español)

This amazing 17 year old beauty, Christina Amato, is something to look at but has talent behind it as well. So much talent from this Spanish beauty makes me want to subscribe and see more. You know what - I think I will and I think you should too! Just listen; I dare you not to fall in love :0). You can learn more about this wonderful talent by following her on Twitter. Get up to date information on her visit to Puerto Rico, and on the new original songs she is writing. Yes, you heard me right! This girl not only sings and looks like an angel but writes too. I wish I had half her talent now, and she is only 17. I just know we are going to be seeing this girl's name in lights soon!!!!

Editor's Note: "Fui" is no longer available so we have replaced that video with "Hallelujah" sung by Christina

♥♪♫Maricelys-Poison (Beyonce cover)♥♪♫

This adorable Latin princess, TheMaricelys, has a voice she knows how to use. I enjoyed this video because I love when you can see the person Knows what they are doing and is having a blast while doing it. When she messes up she keeps going and smiles I LOVE IT I had a lot of fun Watching this Cutie!!! Check her out and let her know what you think. Don't forget to leave a comment here to let me know you stopped by.

Jessica Marie Christina Aguilera Infatuation cover

This channel, RockStuff345, is for two amazing Spanish girls named Jessica Marie and Jennifer Espinoza. The video is of Jessica Marie singing a cover version of Christina Aguilera's "Infatuation." Look at this girl perform, she is awesome out in public as if a super star and maybe soon she will be. Come and listen to this beautiful girl's voice and style of singing. Makes me want to get up and dance, wait be right back, I think I will. Lalalalalala WOOO that was fun, come and give this girl your attention.

01001 - Spanish Lesson: Basic Conversation (Part 1)

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of Spanish? Well look at you, you're in luck, Jordan, a young man, decided to teaching you Spanish. He does it in a fun and easy to follow way. I watched both videos and I already know the basics lol. Hola what are you waiting for? Fun, easy and educational. This is just amazing! Don't forget to go to part two after you have learned all you can from part one.

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Christina is one talented and pretty lady. Nice review.
- Mateo

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