Friday, October 29, 2010


Have a Happy Halloween, then VOTE!

Hello YouTube friends! This weekend is Halloween. We have two Halloween videos for you. One shows Halloween Costumes and the other shows how to do Halloween makeup.

Tuesday is Election Day in the US. Be a good citizen and VOTE! Speaking of voting -There is a contest going on for a sweet blogging job, and I'll show you two videos from among my subscribers who would like your vote so they can get the gig!

TiffanyJoAllen is a talented YouTube musician who has done many popular videos of cover songs. Watch her latest videos: The Man Who Can't Be Moved and Misery. We have written about her several times, see our posts about Tiffany Jo, here.

In this video, we follow Tiffany around as she browses through a costume shop! At the end, Tiffany tries on 5 costumes and asks us to pick the one that she should wear on Halloween. I picked the butterfly outfit. :-) Enjoy this cute and funny video!

MissChievous is Julia from Switzerland, an attractive and talented woman who does popular Makeup tutorials. With over 240 Thousand subscribers, MissChievous is number 168 on this week's Top 200 Chart, up 4 from last week!

In this video, Julia makes herself up to be an Angel. Click here for "Pictures and list of all products used and nailpolish I'm wearing on my website". Check out Julia's channel for more Halloween videos!

Friend and supporter of YouTubeStars, master videomaker SamProof is in a contest to get a job blogging about happy things! Sam wants your vote! Watch this very funny and creative video as Sam tells you about the contest. Click here to vote for Sam!

Sam is always working on several funny, creative and cool projects at once. Check out his website!

Madefromgrapes is Champagne, from California. She is also entered into the happy blogging job contest. Champagne is a talented and funny skitmaker who did a great job in the Kia contest and now she wants your vote for the blogger job. Click here to vote for Champagne!

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Happy Halloween everybody! Id vote but Im to young.
- Mary

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