Monday, November 08, 2010


Father and Daughter Musicians

It's always nice when families get along. Doing things together helps to create a strong bond. Memories are made that will last a lifetime. Especially when there's a video to look back upon in years to come!

Here are 5 videos of talented fathers and daughters making music together. In each case, the daughter sings while the father accompanies her on guitar. Enjoy all of these awesome father/daughter music videos!

Christina Amato and her "daddy"

Krista Nicole and her dad

Jes Loren and her dad

Chloe Wilders with her dad's band

Rachel Lee Williams and her dad

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Kenny - I'm Rachel's Dad and just wanted to thank you for this feature. Making music with my daughter will always be a special memory for me. And thanks for supporting Rachel's music - we both appreciate it more than you know!

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