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Sexy Spoofs from Zuzandra at fresh4ever2000

Cute sexy and fit Zuzandra!Hello, lovers of YouTube videos! Today I will tell you about a fairly new YouTube channel which I predict will quickly rise in popularity. The channel is fresh4ever2000 and is owned by the team of Sandra and Marcel. Sandra makes sexy, funny high quality spoof videos using the persona of Zuzandra - a satirical play on her own name combined with Zuzana, the fitness and cooking star of the popular charliejames1975 channel. While Zuzana is cute, sexy and fit, Zuzandra is all that and more! She has a great sense of humor and a charming personality. I know this from her videos and also from a few emails and Skype chats.

Marcel is the cameraman, editor and occasional male supporting actor in Zuzandra's videos. He can be seen in "Hyper Sexy Serious Booty Workout Spoof" which is their most watched video and was previously featured on our Top 100 Chart. Marcel captures Sandra's beauty and bubbly personality and presents it in a professional and visually attractive manner. Look what he was able to put together in the multi-Sandra collage scene in the "The Subscribe Dance" video, below.

Sandra and Marcel are fans of YouTube. They take inspiration from other YouTube channels both big and small. If they like someone on YouTube, they will do their own form of tribute to that person by spoofing their videos! The Zuzandra character is based on Zuzana Light from BodyRock.TV and the charliejames1975 channel which is number 146 on this week's Top 200 Chart. Sandra likes Marina Orlova and made a video response to one of her HotForWords (number 88 this week) videos titled "Re: What I like to do in bed! i'm both a librocubicularist and a videocubiculularist" which is the Featured Video this Week on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts. In the new "The Subscribe Dance" video, Sandra pays tribute to MysteryGuitarMan (number 6 this week) by dancing with many clones of herself to a song she found on the lesser known ZrKappa channel.

Sandra and Marcel want you to know that they are coming out with New Sexy Spoof Videos very soon! It takes them a while to make each video because they like to put out very high quality movies with sexy funny stories and awesome editing. I'm sure I'll be writing about this channel again in the future!

Here are 4 fun and sexy videos from Sandra / Zuzandra on the Fresh4ever2000 channel.

Another YouTube channel that Sandra loves is the BlendTec "Will It Blend? channel, so naturally Sandra and Marcel put together a funny and sexy spoof of their videos! Zuzandra tries to blend her new iPhone 4 but after a shattering accident, she resorts to trying to "bend" the phone. After working up a sweat from the physical exertion of trying to bend the iPhone 4, she decides to cool off by removing her white lab coat, revealing a cute purple and white bikini. YouTube deemed the video to be too sexy, so now you must be 18 or over to view this video on YouTube. But you can watch it here and judge for yourself if this video deserves to be flagged!

August 6th of this year is when it all began. Sandra and Marcel made their first sexy spoof in tribute to Zuzana. Zuzana does cooking videos as well as workout ones, so Zuzandra decided to show us how to make one of Zuzana's tasty and healthy snacks wearing the same sexy attire and with a few similar moaning sound effects! Sandra and her snack are both very good looking!

Here's another sexy cooking video! Zuzandra makes a healthy salad from lettuce, shrimp, rice and other healthy ingredients. Be sure to visit Zuzandra's Adventures, her website and blog, to see the recipe for this salad and to keep up with what she is up to. You can also follow her on Twitter, @Zuzandra.

We close with the latest effort from Sandra and Marcel which just came out last week. Sandra found an original song in a video by ZrKappa and couldn't get the catchy tune out of her head. So she contacted Alexandar and asked if she could remix his video, editing herself in dancing to the tune, and of course he was happy to let her do that! The resulting video features 18 video clips edited together as we see multiple Zuzandras dancing on a bridge. Marcel put in a lot of effort and did a great job editing this one! Watch, and SUBSCRIBE!!!

Fresh4ever2000 Trivia
Look out, Sandra!As Zuzandra, Sandra puts on a Russian / Eastern European accent to parody Zuzana's voice, but she is really from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

At the beginning of her Sexy Booty Workout Spoof, Zuzandra mentions Poo Poo Pineaple brand workout pants. This is a spoof on Zuzana's comment about her pants from LuluLemon!

Zuzandra takes pictures of her Tasty Snack using a sweet looking camera. Sandra has excellent photographic equipment because she went to school for photography and has been in exhibitions all over the world!

ยป Zuzandra uses the MyYTStats Text Widget on her website. Read her Testimonial!

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you should watch this video because she is sexy and she shows you a suprise, but i dont want to spoil it so watch these videos.

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