Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ubeea Sponsors Tennessee YouTube Gathering

This past weekend, Ubeea sponsored a trip for a few dozen YouTubers to hang out in a cabin in the Great Smokie Mountains of Tennessee. YouTubers Boh3m3, CharlesTrippy, TheTimTracker, themightythor1212, DannaRichards, ScottKinmartinTV and many others enjoyed Indoor Skydiving, Go Karting, Zorb Globe Riding, and various other group events. Some of the highlights of the weekend are shown in the embedded videos below.

Ubeea links:
YouTube Channel
What is Ubeea? It's a new video website similar to YouTube, but so much more. Ubeea produces shows for the internet and soon for TV that are partly cast members and partly videoclips sent in by viewers. According to the website's description: "Totally Interactive Television is Here! Ubeea brings original TV programs created by viewers involvement direct to your computer and your television. Its a really new television experience."

I've been doing a lot of research into Ubeea lately,
so if you have any questions about what they are doing and the benefits of getting involved with them, please email me!

Ben (Boh3m3) shows us cabin porch and takes us to the Indoor Skydiving Event. The video ends with a song by Danna Richards, custom made for this event. Danna plays guitar and is writing/recording and posting one song a day for a year - follow her progress on her blog and YouTube channel. Enjoy the video, but as always with Boh3m3, if you're easily offended by language, don't watch!

TheTimTracker and TheJennTracker show us the group's fun times with Indoor Skydiving and Go Karting!

Here's is Danna's "Let's Go Viral" original song, which you saw at the end of Boh3m3's video. But this time you'll see the lyrics, and the camera pans to each tripper as they are mentioned in the tune. Catchy song; enjoy!

See more Ubeea related videos, here and here.

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Hah! "but as always with Boh3m3, if you're easily offended by language, don't watch!"

Somehow you make it both cautionary, yet flattering. Thanks for the linkage! You guys have always been very kind in your postings.

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