Thursday, December 16, 2010


Christmas Music - O Holy Night!

Christmas is in 9 days! I like Christmas music and there are always a bunch of YouTubers making Christmas music videos this time of year. I am featuring 4 different versions of O Holy Night in this post because its my favorite Christmas song. I also made a playlist of new Christmas music videos and you can watch them here (I'll be adding more as I find them):

Here is a playlist of Christmas Music videos from 2008:

And now, 4 excellent versions of O Holy Night!

The Celtic Women are a beautiful and heavenly sounding group of singers from Ireland who always seem to sing to a crowd outside of a castle! You may have seen them on your local PBS TV station. They often play their concerts during fund raising weeks. This "Divine" video has about 5 million views!

From the video's description:

Celtic Woman, starring the angelically lovely Chloe Agnew, performs ''O Holy Night,'' from the Celtic Woman concert at Slane Castle, in Ireland.

This song was never broadcast on television, or released in the DVD of the concert.

I first discovered Chloe on the plus-size modelling/ fashion site, Chloe is not only a brilliant singer and incredibly talented performer, but also a positive role model for young women today - showing them that they don't need to be anorexic to be beautiful and successful, but can be even more gorgeous at a naturally curvy size.

Charming singer Christina Amato ( anitsirhcmarie ) and her cool guitar playing daddy do a sweet yet powerful acoustic version of O Holy Night as part of her 3 video (so far) Christmas Music series. Watch her belt out those high notes in her Christmas Pajamas! See her other Christmas videos in the first playlist above, or at her YouTube channel.

NEWS FLASH! Christina has written a guest blogger post for us! Her review of 4 excellent videos is coming here soon! Thanks, Christina! :-)

Rhema Marvanne IS ONLY 7 YEARS OLD! Oh my Gosh, what an amazing voice this little girl has! Enjoy her version of O Holy Night which has 2.5 million views so far! Watch all the way through to hear her hit amazing notes and don't miss the cute ending! You can also see little Jackie Evancho (America's Got Talent star) sing O Holy Night, here.

Here's a very nice A Cappella version of O Holy Night by talented singer Delaney Elise. She adds another layer of her own voice singing harmony with the melody; its a great effect! Delaney has some cool rock tunes on her channel ("Flatline" rocks!) and you can buy her CDs on iTunes!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy New Year to you and your families!

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