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Kayleigh Writes about Life and Death

Kayleigh Levitt

Hello and Happy Halloween! Did you dress up this year? Go to a Party? Scare little children? LoL Have fun and stay safe!

Guest Blogger, Kayleigh Levitt is back! Kayleigh is a creative young lady with a real talent for writing. In her first Guest Blog for YouTubeStars, she wrote about Artist and Filmmaker Andrea Dorfman. We're glad to present the second Guest Blog post from this talented young lady who can sometimes be found in a tree singing and playing guitar! This post reviews three videos; a bipolar person engaged in public speaking about his life, and two music videos about Life and Death. Kayleigh gives beautifully expressed insight, read on!

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Now, here is Kayleigh's article about Life and Death.

Joshua Walters (on the Ted Talks channel) is a bipolar comedian who explores language, beat boxing and playwriting. His trademark is his unpredictability on stage. He lives in Berkeley, California and is a National Alliance for Mental Illness state speaker. Humor is his way of bringing light onto the dark side of mental illness.

Bipolar disorder has a lot of societal baggage weighing it down. So often, these miraculously sensitive minds lose their edge to medication. Bipolar people have a choice. They can be numb to all their emotions with medication or oscillate wildly between believing they are Jesus Christ and being suicidal. There is no middle path when it comes to the extremes of Bipolar Disorder.

Joshua Walters encourages us to shift our paradigm. As he says, he “can either deny his mental illness, or embrace his mental skillness.” There is magic in the chaos. There are perks to insanity. There are gifts in the madness. He poses the question: What is the right balance between medicating craziness away and riding the manic edge of creativity and drive?

For bipolar people, they experience a rich life with a wide emotional spectrum that makes them risk-takers in the business world and highly imaginative. They can also experience a deeper sense of empathy and compassion for other people’s emotions. Why does this have to be seen as a disorder? It can be a gift.

We all have a choice. In every moment, we can either accept the way we are or try to suppress it. Everything that may look like a weakness actually makes us who we are. We can turn anything around and make it a gift. Walters took his unpredictable behavior and let it help him create a stage presence. Everyone has roadblocks on their path. We get to use our creative minds and make something great out of ourselves given the life we were given. Life is here for us, it is not against us.

This song is called “Exactly” by Amy Steinberg. Amy Steinberg writes her songs with the intention to empower people to see how magnificent they are. Her intention is to reveal beauty in the world we live in. Her intention is to let her art be a vehicle for a spiritual experience.

In every moment, we are exactly where we need to be.

This statement is relatively hard to accept. I may be in school thinking exactly where I need to be is my bed. Or I may be thinking that I have not accomplished everything I should have in my life. It is even harder to accept when tragedy strikes. Silver linings can only stretch so far.

Except for when it is not a stretch. Seeing the positive aspect of a situation is not a euphemism for the truth. It is seeing the unseen. Silver linings form when the clouds completely mask the sun. It is when you know something greater exists beyond momentary cloud coverage. The sun is always there. The sun is not always in sight. Yet, when we fall asleep every night, we do not cry over the tragedy of the lost sun. We instinctually know the sun will rise the next day. We leave it up to the universe to figure that out.

In every moment, the sun is our truth. The clouds give the illusion that our truth does not exist. We can choose to cry over the tragedy of our lost truth. Alternatively, we can trust that although we cannot see it, it is there.

In every moment, we are exactly where we need to be. Our human minds cannot wrap around the mystery of the universe. The reason why we need to be in a situation may be obscured by clouds. We do not need to try to know the unknowable reasons behind every situation. Amy Steinberg conveys through this song that life works for us, not against us.

She states, “If you look at me just right you will see a kiss.” She dares us to look close enough to see something at its origin. Every little moment becomes apart of this butterfly effect. It can begin with a breeze, a kiss, a glance and end with anything. It can begin with wherever you are, in this moment, because that is exactly where you need to be to live the life you are destined to live.

This song is called At the Bottom of Everything by Bright Eyes. Conner Oberst is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist. He has a rotating group of multi-instrumentalists and collaborators from the indie music scene.

Death has never seemed so fun.

In the beginning, the airplane has a huge mechanical failure. The girl asks the man next to her, “Where are we going?” he looks at her, and he says, "We're going to a party. It's a birthday party. It's your birthday party. Happy birthday darling. We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much."

As humans, we fight death for as long as we can. Our natural lifespan is now 85 years thanks to improvements in medicine. It used to be 45 years. With all this extra time we borrowed, what are we doing? What could we be doing that we are not?

Their impending doom initiated the greatest birthday party ever thrown. Every moment in their lives led up to up to this grand finale. They realized in that moment how fragile their mortality was. What does that call for? A birthday party! It suddenly was time to celebrate life.

We convince ourselves that the future is a promise life intends to keep. The truth is no one gets out of this life alive. At every moment, our mortality is just as fragile as it is seconds before our death. Every moment could be our grand finale.

The lyrics of a verse in the song go, “We must stare into a crystal ball and only see the past, And in the caverns of tomorrow, With just our flashlights and our love, We must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge.”

When we look into the future, more often than not, we think we know. We make goals. We make plans. We make promises to live our dreams later. It is easier to do that than to plunge with our flashlights and our love into the unknown.

The past no longer exists and the future has not started. All we have is right now. In moments closest to our death is when we feel most alive. It is when the mind is present with the body. Instead of waiting for that split second to realize life starts here and now, let us make today our birthday party.

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This is very interesting insight into the world of people who are Bi polar. I know people who are absolutely brilliant, who I didn't know who were bi-polar until much later. This explains so much as to why they are so creatively brilliant.

Kayleigh's reminder of feeling the most alive before you die is a great view on what it means to live, and the reality that any moment can be our last. So enjoy every single moment. I feel that people on this planet need to step back and think about this, and what's truly important.

I very much appreciate this blog. Thank you for all of the interesting insights!

This blog post was very intriguing and well written! I enjoyed Miss Kayleigh's view on life and would like to read more :)

I really appreciate Kayleighs commentary on being exactly where i need to be, its difficult to remember that sometimes when im in the midst of challenge. I am also grateful for her exposing me to bright eyes, the bands lyrics are insightful and fun. I like her views and i can't wait to read more.

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