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Here's some super cool dance music to get you up and moving! Need some music to work out to? Freezepop! Need some tunes for your high energy dance party? Freezepop! Love electronic 80s music? You'll love Freezepop!

But first, The News!

This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts is a sweet vlog / singing video from colloege student OMGitsLucy814! Lucyy is in her Freshman year and vlogs from her dorm room. In this video she tells us how she played with Garage Band and made a Lady Gaga track to sing to. Her singing performance is quite good! (Watch the video right here)

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Now, here are 3 Super Cool Freezepop songs!

Freezepop is an electronic pop band from Boston. The classic line up of Liz Enthusiasm (vocals), Sean T. Drinkwater, and The Duke of Pannekoeken, a.k.a. composer Kasson Crooker came together in 1999. They play songs with an 80s sound that reference videogames, science, technology and math - some of my favorite things in the world! I hear influences by Devo, early Madonna, Nena (99 Red Balloons) and Peter Shilling (Major Tom). I like all those acts so I was happy to find Freezepop a few years ago when someone used a piece of "Science Genius Girl" in a video on YouTube.

In this video, we see the trio in cartoon form acting out the dramatic lyrics in Flash animation format. She works across the street from the boy in the Indie Record store and isn't ready to do anything but stalk him for a while. She's on a Stakeout!

"You're so dreamy, you're so sweet! Swept completely off my feet, ahhh ahhh.
You duct taped my heart back together. I think that this could last forever!

We were walking in the rain, and a hole was in my shoe. You pulled some duct tape from your bag, patched it up as good as new. That should keep you dry, you told me, looking shyly in my eye, and our hands were almost touching. That first kiss was a surprise!"

Duct tape solves every problem! I love the smooth synth sounds and dreamy vocals in this one! Very cool, in my opinion! Ignore the dancing dude in this video and just groove to the beat!

Starting out a little like "Situation" by Yaz, this upbeat dance tune gets me moving, just like the other two songs here. "He says, I miss the way you looked at me. She says, I'm sorry but I don't agree. He says, is this the way this has to be? She says, what happened to our symmetry?" The music doesn't start until 12 seconds into this pretty cool audiosurf video, but then it rocks, so get up and dance!

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