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Danni Reviews 3 Singing Girls

Danielle Hatfield

Guest Blogger Danielle Hatfield is back with her latest post for YouTubeStars! Danni is from Alabama and is currently a college student studying Marketing. She is also a talented singer! I was following Danni when she entered Cree Inglees Idol Search competition on YouTube. Check out the excellent singing videos on her YouTube channel! One of my favorites is this video of Danni singing Amy Winehouse's hit "Rehab".

In her newest guest blog post for us, Danni reviews three videos by female YouTube singers. The videos are of cover songs by Regina Specktor, Justin Bieber, and Priscilla Ahn.

See what Danni has to say and watch the videos she talks about!


 I wanted to start by introducing you to Beccarr11 on YouTube. She is the lead singer in Anavae, and you may check out that channel at They also have a 7 track EP at , that I believe would be worth your time to check out!

 She gives us her own take of the song "Us" by Regina Spektor with a very creative style. Apart from the song itself, I must say that I love the mustache guitar and colorful army men!

Here is the cover that might just be contagious:


This amazing girl, Bethan, from the UK, does her own rendition of "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber. Twisting it to fit her own style, which I personally love! It is different than most other covers of this song. She does a wonderful job of showing her emotions through face expressions and every note of the song. I believe that I do see a star in the making! There are also many other awesome covers on her channel that you should check out at

Changing it to make it her own "Girlfriend" song, here is Bethan's cover:


Even though the quality of this next video is not the best, this young girl, Chantil Sky, doesn't let that get in the way of an amazing performance. I always thought the ukulele was a fun instrument, and she does a great job playing. Her voice sounds like a wonderful dream in her cover of "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn. You can check out more videos on her channel

Here with her dreamy cover:

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