Monday, September 03, 2012


Popular YouTube Cat Videos

I was reading an article in Wired, one of my favorite magazines, about how popular cat videos are on YouTube.  So I decided to check for myself and see how many of them are among YouTube's Most Viewed videos.  As you may expect, music videos are at the top of the Most Viewed chart ( Justin Bieber is number one, with Baby.  Then there's Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Shakira, Lady Gaga and LMFAO.  We have the famous, Charlie Bit My Finger baby video after them. Not a single cat video in the top 30 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time.

 The Wired article talks about Maru, Mao, Shironeko and Nyan cat, all in Japan. Let's see what their videos are all about! Here's 5 minutes of Maru doing things cats do - getting into things, lying around, stretching, pouncing, hunting, hanging out in a sink, coming out from under a bed spread and diving into boxes! This video has almost 15 million views in its almost 4 year history. Watch Maru!

Here's an orange cat named Mao and a baby who wants to play with Mao's tail!  The baby is biting Mao's tail and Mao lets out a yelp but doesn't move or swat the kid away or anything. This winning video combination of cat and baby got almost 5 million views in the last three years.  Check it out, kinda cute!

Shironeko is a white cat who seems to be totally cool with anything his owner puts on his head! Here, Shironeko is chilling out in a basket while cans of moist cat food are stacked in his head. This has over a million views in its year and a half run so far. The top comment seems to be in answer to someone asking what breed the cat is, and replies with "not give a f*** breed" - which is somewhat amusing but remember you never know what people will say on YouTube so be careful about letting your young kids on there unsupervised!

Here is almost 4 minutes of a side scrolling animated graphic of Nyan cat, set to some synth soundtrack where the words appear to be variations on meow. This has nearly 85 million views, more than the three real cat videos above, combined!

For more cat videos, please see here. Thanks!

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