Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It's Thanksgiving! It's Friday!

Its been a year and a half since Patrice Wilson and Ark Music Factory gave us the song and video, "Friday" - sung by 13 year old Rebecca Black. We all know the story of Friday, but if you somehow missed it, read our coverage here.

Patrice is back on the YouTube scene with a song that is very much a clone of Friday. This song is about Thanksgiving, but features a lot of the same lyrical and video styles from Friday. The video starts with an allusion to time. The lyrics are about time. They even contain the same triple we - "we we we". In Friday, it was, " we we we so excited" and now its "we we we we're gonna have a good time."

Both songs contain wholesome lyrics that do not rhyme (other than "school is out, I can shout") about having fun in groups. "Fun, fun, think about fun, you know what it is!" was in a verse in Friday, as well as "we're gonna have a ball today." It's Thanksgiving puts the fun right in the chorus, "oh oh oh, its Thanksgiving! We we we we're gonna have a good time!"

The mention of sequential time slots is another similarity. In Friday, we heard, "Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday..." Now we get a list of holidays and their container months, "December was Christmas, January was New Year, April was Easter, and the Fourth of July, but now it's Thanksgiving, oh oh oh it's Thanksgiving!"

Inside Edition with Deborah Norville said tonight that this is the worst song ever. Many agree and some do not. As of now, the video has 7 million views with 107 thousand dislikes and 13 thousand likes. Who knows how many of the dislikes are from people simply following the crowd and wanting to be part of the In Group that has predetermined that anything put out by Patrice Wilson is most likely terrible.

Have a listen and decide for yourself what you think of this song and video. Singer Nicole Westbrook, 12 years old 7th grader from Los Angeles, seems nice enough and has a pleasant enough voice. She seemed to enjoy filming the video, singing into a Turkey leg, and most likely will make some money on this project, as the song is already available on iTunes.

Also watch this interview with Nicole Westbrook from ABC News.

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Ha! Yeah its just like Friday but not so nasal sounding! Not the worst but far from the best.

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