Monday, October 28, 2013


Babies, Puppies and Kittens - In Slow Motion!

YouTubeStars EXTREME Video Series! 
This is the first post in a NEW Series we like to call Extreme Videos.

Today we start with Extremely CUTE videos of Babies, Puppies and Kittens ♥

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Here are some cute little toddlers getting their first taste of some tasty foods.  The little girl in the  thumbnail is tasting an Olive and at first, she's not sure what she's just eaten. But after a second or two, slowed down by about a factor of 20 it seems, she decides she likes it and raises her arms in a show of joy!  The next baby isn't as pleased, as he got a lemon!

Babies tasting a food for the first time, in slow motion:

What's cuter than puppies and kittens?  Flying puppies and kittens!  Check out this slow mo music video for a cool rap tune.  Watch to the end where you get some insight into the making of this film.

Flying puppies versus flying kittens!

Here's another kitty cat in slow motion.  This one is jumping up to catch one of those bird feather cat toys they love so much.   Beautiful study in cat body mechanics.  The scene where the kitten is blowing milk bubbles from its nose is adorable!  Enjoy!

Kitten playing and jumping, in slow motion:

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Watching the video of the kitten playing was pretty cool. The slow motion video really lets you see how cats move. The body mechanics are amazing and you can see each twist, turn and jump, and how easily they can maneuver. The feline species, to me, are one of the most amazing creatures on earth. Wouldn't it be nice to move like they can?


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