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Diana is Back! Adam Lambert and More.

Diana!She's back! Long time guest blogger, Diana (attractive picture at left), is back with a review of 6 videos from 3 of her favorite YouTube Stars! Read what Diana says about these videos made by YouTubers she loves, including American Idol Adam Lambert. Please read Diana's last guest post, about Hispanic YouTube Stars!

Enjoy Diana's review!

Rhema Marvanne

Rhema Marvanne is a just turned 11 year old Gospel singer born in Texas, with an amazing voice. Rhema's mother whom she lost when she was just 3 of cancer, was also a singer/song writer. Rhema in an interview said she feels her voice was given to her by God to take over where her mother had left off. Her father is her best friend as you will see in her video All I want for Christmas is you (Daddy).

Her adorable smile, and wide eyes that shines a soul much older then her innocent face shows, will give you chills. She has already made 3 albums, and these videos are of when she was only 7 years old. I know its not Christmas, but why not put on a smile, and feel the love this little girl with the old soul can provide. The goose bumps are just an added bonus! Below are two of my favorite videos.

ALL I Want For Christmas- 7 year old Rhema Marvanne

Also watch, "I'll have a Blue Christmas", a song sang for Rhema's mother Wendi Marvanne who died of Ovarian Cancer in 2003.

Dani Shay
Living in Orlando, FL website   facebook

You may have seen her on America's Got Talent (Season 6) singing "What The Hell" A parody song she made up to the sound of BABY by Justin Bieber. Its Hella funny, Yes Dani is a woman, who happens to look a lot like Mr. Bieber. OR as she says he looks like her... You may have also seen her short stint on The Glee Project 2. Dani is a proud woman that dresses to make herself happy. She believes in being yourself no matter how hard it can be.

See her Audition on America's Got Talent(Season 6) here

Also watch:
What the Hell, full song at home video.
The Glee Project 2 - The Glee Project Party Rock Anthem Full Performance with Dani Shay.

Dani is not only a singer she is also a songwriter and guitar player. Here is a video with one of her Glee project 2 friends. They fell in love and Dani was proud to write this song about her. Keep a close eye on the video and see if you can tell who her love is before they show her!
One By Dani Shay

Dani is touring with the Be More Heroic campaign (its about a pro-love approach to anti-bullying). Something close to her heart that she started in early 2011. Dani can be booked for live performances by emailing info[at]danishay.com.

Adam Lambert
born January 29, 1982

Most people know Adam Lambert as the runner up (In my humble opinion, he should have won) in 2009's season 8 of American idol. And as any Gleek should know, will be appearing in Season 5 of Glee, I myself am excited to see this as both a fan of Adam Lambert and being an out and open Gleek myself. But did you know before he was known on American Idol, back in 2004 he played Joshua in the The Ten Commandments: The Musical, that was staged at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. He starred with other well known actors like Val Kilmer as Moses and Alisan Porter as Miriam. Alisan Porter is best known as the little star of 1991's Curly Sue.

The Ten Commandments: The Musical was directed by Robert Iscove, with choreography by Travis Payne and costumes by Max Azria. All of the original cast in 2006 were taped and a DVD was made of the play, available on Netflix DVD. Below is a short video of one of Adam's Solos playing Joshua singing "Is Anybody Listening?" This video is part of what you will see if you rent or buy the DVD, "The Ten Commandments: The Musical." I have seen this twice; the acting and singing is something as good as anything you might see on Broadway. You won't want to miss seeing this!!!

Is Anybody Listening?

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