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Diana Reviews YouTube Star Megan Nicole

Diana!Long time guest blogger, Diana (attractive picture at left), is here to review 3 videos from YouTube Star Megan Nicole! Read what Diana says about Megan Nicole and three of her popular videos. We mentioned Megan Nicole right here over 3 years ago when she was just getting started, but now she has over 2 Million Subscribers!

Megan Nicole, YouTube Star!

Megan Nicole was born on September 2, 1993. She is a Houston, Texas girl with dark shiny locks that any shampoo commercial would love to show off. And those dark brown eyes, so wide and full of life and when she smiles, it reaches them. Go on take a look.

You can add her as a friend on facebook:

Even go to her personal website to see, hear and learn more about Megan:

It's hard to believe this now 20 year old young woman, whom by the way also plays the ukulele and piano, was shy in high school. She says in one of her Q and A's she felt music was a tool to help her overcome her shyness, as the stage is where she feels she is most at home.

Megan joined YouTube on Dec 21, 2009 Her first video where she covers Kings of Leon (Use somebody) is where it all began. She uploaded this the day she became a member. Anxious to get started and get her face out there, Megan started slow, with only a few subscribers, BUT NOW HAS 2,107,252 subscribers. I had never heard her before. I thought the song was very cute and well done, but I kept going, I wanted to see how she went from almost a no one to having over 2 mill subscribers. and being a SUPPORTING ACT for Boyce Avenue World Tour.

Megan has become so well known she has a second channel here with Q&A's with fans, behind the scenes fun and more.

So I am going to find three favorite videos of hers and tell you what I think. I felt how green she was in the start. Shy and a little clumsy on her guitar. It did not take long for her to come into her own. Less than a year later, on Sep 9, 2010, Megan uploaded "Teenage Dream - Katy Perry (Cover) Megan Nicole"

Megan shows she has true talent and knows she's going to be a star in her own right. Her octave range was shown better in this song and she has perfect pitch and harmony. You can see the fun and passion not to mention how adorable she is! Now she is getting me hooked!

We heard her saying she wanted to do her own music, so let's move along, a little over a year later we get B-e-a-utiful- Megan Nicole (Original Song) Music and Lyrics by Megan Nicole, Lairs Johnston, Stephen Folden, and Tom Mgrdichian, Produced by Tom Mgrdichian and Chris Cox, uploaded on Jul 15, 2011.

It's not just her singing, it's a music video that took 25 hours of shooting and 200 extras. I see acting in her future, the way she looks at her crush, with innocent longing, almost begging with her eyes for him to just see her. We all know how popular High School Musical was and this could have been a scene from any of those three movies. I am seeing the whole, all around talent now: singer, musician, and next? Maybe actress????

It takes almost 2 years for another original song, this one called Summer forever Written by Megan Nicole, Morgan Reid, and Prophet. Produced by Morgan Reid, Published on May 27, 2013, with a few face shots in the car of her sister and best friend. (BTW I WANT THAT CAR PLEASE)

A great teen anthem; her songs are sweet, colorful and fun. Something any one of any age can enjoy. Her talent has grown over the years, or maybe she overcame more of her shyness, because all I can see now is a young woman having fun doing what she loves and you know what, I have to say this 34 year old woman adores her. Have a watch and leave with a smile. Do not forget to REQUEST: "Summer Forever" on Radio Disney.

All in all I enjoyed this very much. In the two hours I spent watching videos and learning about this amazing young lady, I had fun, laughed and smiled. I am now a fan of Megan Nicole and I want to wish her luck and a LONG successful career.

P.S. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus (cover) Megan Nicole

I had to add this, I LOVE THIS SONG. It's so powerful, and Kick me in the eye I do not care I Loved the - no pun intended - naked truth of the video. BUT WOW Megan wow. You made this your own, you made it so children could watch a video about a song that is so significant. WAY TO GO.. Beautiful from start to end. And I see you're playing that piano. You have come into your own and I am proud to have made you my daily review! You go gurl!!!!

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