Friday, October 25, 2013


YouTube Stars, on YouTubeStars!

YouTubeStars is still going strong! 
Here is our pageview data from our blogger dashboard for today:

Pageviews last month: 41,643
Pageviews all time history: 1,334,283

We've been writing about YouTube for almost 8 years now, and we would like to thank all of our readers for coming back to our site, over and over, for many years now. 

We love our readers!

Here's a video that has our blog title in it's title! 

Jenna Marbles, Daily Grace, Shaytards, YouTube Stars-The Decades Series: Today, by Guy Logan

Here is a list of YouTubeStars in the video, and a note on which ones we have covered over the years:

Daily Grace:
The Gregory Brothers:
Mystery Guitar Man:
Jenna Marbles:
Mary Doodles:
Epic Rap Battles of History:
Chester See:
Courtney Pants:

We have mentioned DeStorm, Mystery Guitar Man, Jenna Marbles and Lisa Nova on our site.

Kenny became friends with Joe (Mystery Guitar Man) way back in 2006 when we both frequented, a popular YouTube Forum that has since gone quiet.  Here's all our mentions of him: and he's even in the YouTube photo gallery we did in the early days:

Here's some our posts on Lisa Nova:

Watch this video that interviews some top YouTube Stars, right here on YouTubeStars!

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