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Diana Reviews YouTube Star Christina Amato

Diana!Long time guest blogger, Diana (attractive picture at left), is here to review 3 videos from YouTube Star, and YouTubeStars Guest Blogger, Christina Amato! Read what Diana says about Christina Amato and three of her popular music and makeup videos. We first found Christina on YouTube in the summer of 2010 when she had less than a thousand subscribers. Now she has over 32 Thousand Subscribers!

Christina Amato, YouTube Star!

If any of my friends and fans remember, I did a review on the Amazingly talented Christina Amato here in 2010. I think its about time we talk about this beauty again. The now almost 21 year old Singer, songwriter, Host and model who is a Las Vegas, NV native, has over 7 million video views and 32,272 subscribers. Christina Amato is now also known as a Zowie Bowie Chick and has performed at his late night Las Vegas shows. Zowie Bowie says his shows combine the night club concerts with the hot young chicks and the old vintage orchestra in the same show. I don't know about you but that sounds awesome... I wanna go!!! Visit Zowie Bowie's facebook page here.

In the past three years she has grown from a very pretty girl into a true beauty that could grace any vogue cover, and her voice has grown as well. She had amazing control even at 17, but now her breathy voice is so much more full and mature.. Christina, I didn't think you could get better, but in this writer's humble opinion you have grown into your voice and left me in awe. Let's start with her newest cover: Katy Perry - Unconditionally

Amazing right??? I had not heard Katy Perry sing this, and so I had to go and hear the original and I have to be true to myself as I always am and tell you how I feel... I liked this so much more and would buy this one before I would Miss Perry's; WAY to go Christina. (And yes I am a HUGE fan of Katy Perry, she rocks, I just can't help it, to me Christina sang it better) ~

OK since its going into Christmas in less then two months I had to pick this song sang by Christina Amato. Its a cover of one of my favorite songs: Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas (is you)

I love her 5 tone octave, starting in her lower register and moving so effortlessly into her head voice, that's talent. This song makes me wish my dad was sitting next to me while I watched it. What an awesome acoustic version and her adorable papa to boot. I heard a few cracks and like a pro she went on not looking back. Not only is she talented and beautiful but funny... Did you see the blooper? LOL what a doll, laughing it up with her daddy, as a friend calls and, as she puts it with a smile, ruins her video... This video will make you want to sing, smile and laugh. You can feel her love for her father and her singing was a pure joy to watch!!

Now we all know Christina Amato the singer, but did you know she is also a makeup guru??? She started 4 years ago, but just started to get into it again. This is why there are only 1,159 subscribers and 9,173 views. She has an amazing talent for using her face as a blank canvas and turning it into a work of art. Let's watch her Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial and learn how to get that perfect, sexy Smokey eye look!

I love how she does her makeup and dubs her voice over while she is doing it, I think this sounds and looks more professional, except when she sounds like a chipmunk LOL. I LOVE IT, not only does she come across as beautiful and talented, but she has an amazing sense of humor and you can tell she is someone you would just want to hang around. I don't know about you but I would so have her sing to me while she did my makeup :)

P.S. The song playing in the background is an original song written and sang by Christina Amato, Order Your copy now here. The song is called Sparks. Only $.99, I bought this and have been rocking out and know this song by heart! I am in love!!!




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Excellent blog and critique!

Diana, awesome review. Christina is almost a cute as you. Thanks for being us news and reviews on new signers. And Yes, the smokey eye markup is Hot!!

Great review!!

Really enjoyed your informative and fun review


Great review! !!!!

I really appreciate it.It's informative.

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